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AirgunAdvice.net :: View topic - Pellet lube with a springer
Krytech (Finishline bicycle chain lube) is very popular and works with both piston and PCP guns. Piston guns tend to Diesel (burn oil) and will sound like a .22 if there is too much oil in the piston or chamber. Krytech dries and is waxy (basically, a Teflon material) so it works fine in all guns. Krytech was tested by Larry Durham and found to be the only lube that improved accuracy. All lubes help with keeping the barrel clean. 1Lube is oilier. This is the lubrication recommended by Allen Zasadny. Technique for application: Start with a large pellet tin or a ˝ filled tin (or any other container that will hold about twice as many pellets as you want to treat). Put a few drops (3 or 4, do not fill the lid!) in lid of the tin. Put the lid on and tumble for a minute or so to distribute the lubrication on all the pellets. You can then leave the lid off and let the pellets dry in the same tin or pour them into some other tin. Leave the lid off (especially for piston guns) and let them dry. When dry, you can shoot them safely in a piston gun. For a PCP, you can shoot them immediately but most people let them dry for a few hours.
Airgun forum: Something helpful for newer shooters.

YouTube - beeman p17 air pistol part 1
Sun Telegraph - Laws View: Whats Up With Air Guns?
Air guns - Pyramyd Air Report: Barrel droop
From the name, you might suspect that we7re talking about a barrel that somehow bends downward, but that7s not the case. Barrel droop is actually a straight barrel that7s been mounted in the receiver so that its axis points downward. There are bent barrels that point down, of course, but that7s not what we mean by barrel droop.
Issue #41 - All about CO2 guns | PyramydAir - Podcasts
Tom Gaylord is back!
Airgun Writer: Splatology
[A]irgun maker Gary Barnes has conducted tests showing that round lead balls deform along rigid lines until the ball is completely fragmented by the force of impact. Here's the big news: this phenomenon happens irrespective of caliber! His claim is that all lead balls deform in more or less the same fashion when they impact a rigid steel plate at a given velocity. A .350-caliber ball impacting a steel plate at 350 f.p.s. will look the same as a .535-caliber ball going the same speed, except for the difference in size. Thus is born the science of "splatology," or the study of lead "splats" to determine the impact velocity of the ball that created them.
ManVenture Outpost - The Great Outdoors for Less!
Seems to offer good prices on airguns.
How to choose an airgun
Really good walk thru of the decisions you need to make before choosing an airgun.
YouTube - Review Of the Remington/Crosman NPSS .22

(:youtube KF6LDlwwvCY:)

Air Gun Home :: View topic - npss vs falcon
I wouldn't go for either of those, to be honest. I have been shooting with the NPSS-es and though they all look nice, I've found that after a while the hinge starts to deteriorate quicker then on a (and excuse me for saying) quality airgun.
A first look at the NPSS Nitro Piston by Jim House - Croswords
Airguns of Arizona Blog - Browning's 800 Mag Air Pistol
Now, here's something that I know will work: what I am using on my Browning 800 is the Bushnell Trophy red dot. It fits just fine and has performed flawlessly. By contrast, I recoil actually destroyed a Walther red dot that I mounted on top of the Browning 800.
Classifieds Airgun(Kitching)
Seems like good place for used air guns.
YouTube - CO2 Pistols - COLT 1911 and WALTHER CP88 Comp.

(:youtube BlmP2mon5KU:)

Airgun Exporter - used sales links
YouTube - Artillery Hold for air rifles
For SPRING rifles only! Use a very loose hold, letting the gun recoil as it may. For reasons Tom explains, this leads to greater accuracy with SPRINGER rifles.

Put simply, the artillery hold means holding your air rifle so lightly that it can recoil in any direction it wants to. Since the pellet remains in the barrel a long time after the shot, this means that the muzzle will always be in the same place, shot after shot, because there's no outside influence forcing it to go elsewhere.

When you fire a spring-piston gun, the pellet doesn't start to move until the piston comes to a stop. By that time, the gun is already moving in recoil. It's also vibrating in all directions. If you were to try to restrain it by holding the stock firmly, you would establish a vibration node that would send the muzzle to a different place. Since you can never repeat a hold exactly, you'll throw your shots all over the place if you hold the rifle tightly. If you just let it float on your hand, it will settle down and start grouping to the best of its capability.

(:youtube ZLed_nD5ixA:)

Air Gun Home :: View topic - Hold Sensitive
Actually, the reverse is true for most springers.... They develop most of their velocity in the first 12-14" of barrel or so.... after that the pellet is just in the gun longer and has a greater chance of being disturbed as the gun rocks around doing it's "double recoil" thing....
Air Gun Home :: View topic - leaving Co2 in gun
Airguns of Arizona Blog » Browning’s 800 Mag Air Pistol
The Browning 800 Mag generates more power, cocks harder, is about a half pound heavier, and has significantly more variation in velocity than the LP8. The LP8 shoots slower, has a nicer trigger and fit and finish, is more consistent in velocity and costs significantly more. The LP8 is smoother and more sophisticated, but the Browning delivers a heck of a punch for not a lot of money.
Airguns of Arizona Blog - Further Quigley Experimentation
Discount Airsoft Products :: Accessories :: Magazines, Clips & Reloaders :: DIABOLO SPEEDLOADER (.177)
Blasted into space from a giant air gun - space - 07 October 2009 - New Scientist
With a barrel 47 metres long, it used compressed hydrogen gas to fire projectiles weighing a few kilograms at speeds of up to 3 kilometres per second.
Air Gun - Pistols - Weihrauch - Specialty Shooting Sports Outdoors (Powered by CubeCart)
Airgun forum
ATP - Effects of Hop-Up
How often should I clean my air gun barrel?
Why I Shoot Airguns
Importing a bb gun, air soft or paintball gun for my personal use
Can I bring back or import a paintball or similar type gun for my personal use?

Yes, as long as they are not converted from firearms that incorporate the frame or receiver of a firearm, (i.e. a converted AK 47).

Make sure the vendor clearly states it is an air soft, paintball, etc. gun. on the shipping documents to avoid confusion over whether or not an ATF import permit is required from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

U.S. Customs and Border Protection does not consider paintball and similar guns to be toys, and duty rates for these guns are provided for in Chapter 93 in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).

Air soft, paintball, bb guns, and other guns that use a gas or air pellet or mechanical spring action to fire a projectile are not subject to Department of Commerce regulations for toy or imitation firearms that require bright orange plugs or other markers to be affixed to the end of the barrel (15 CFR 1150).

State and local authorities have separate rules and regulations regarding entering their state with air soft, paintball, etc guns. Please contact the state in which you will be entering to determine their rules.
Customs Duty charges for air guns
Other arms (for example, spring, air or gas guns and pistols, truncheons), excluding those of heading 9307: Pistols, rifles and other guns which eject missiles by release of compressed air or gas, or by the release of a spring mechanism or rubber held under tension: 3.9% Free (A,AU,BH,CA..) 70%
Beeman Dealers in California
General Airgun. - AirgunBBS.com
Airgun forum: Weihrauch HW40 vs Beeman P17
YouTube - How to grip a pistol
The Combat Handgun Grip
Took a day and a half of one on one practical shooting style Pistol training. It was the most I've ever learned about any topic in that amount of time. : guns
Red Dot Sights - Encyclopedia of Bullseye Pistol
Article on Beeman Kodiak
.25 rifle. Good discussion of trajectory and impact energy.
.177 or .22: which is better. - AirgunBBS.com
Where piston rifles are concerned .177 usually exhibits harsher recoil than .22 in otherwise identical rifles. This is more pronounced as barrels get shorter. This phenomenon can mean that a .177 piston rifle is actually a bit harder to shoot accurately than the identical rifle in .22
Air Rifle Links and Demos
Lots of interesting information here.
HFT | SouthernHunter HFT
Nice discussion on pellet trajectory, including a graphical comparison between .177 and .22 pellet trajectories.
HW75 air pistol trials « betagemini
YouTube - Benjamin Trail NP XL - .22 cal Gas Ram "ultra magnum" (At least that is what I call it..!)
Reviewer hint's at the stupidity of Benjamin/Crosman and others for pushing to pellet velocities near the speed of sound. You just can't get accuracy at those speed. Approaching the sound barrier hurts accuracy. This guy had to use super heavy pellets to get good, consistent accuracy out of the gun. While he liked the gun, I think his review only hinted at the Benjamin/Crosman's stupidity in creating power sources that push a pellet near the sound barrier.
YouTube - Todd Jarrett on pistol shooting.
Really good advice on handgun technique. Jarrett is a great shooter and even better teacher.

(:youtube ysa50-plo48:)

All about scopes. Part 1. Scope terms and how to choose a scope.
YouTube - Inclined shooting, gravity and trajectory with Si Pittaway.wmv
Good advice on why you may shoot high when shooting down at angle. Discusses trajectory and how gravity affects/causes trajectory; and how trajectory is affected by not shooting perpendicular to gravity. Interesting point, that is easy to forget in the heat of a hunt.

(:youtube nCJad1t3_CI:)

exterior ballistics
Air Rifle Ballistics
Shown below are the velocities of three pellets of different weights fired out of the same gun. Note how the fastest pellet out of the blocks is the lightest one. But by 30 yards it is already the slowest pellet! At 50 yards, the pellet with the slowest muzzle velocity has held on to it and is now the fastest at that range. Energy at range follows a similar pattern except that in many rifles, the heaviest pellet often produces the most energy at all ranges—and loses it the least quickly as well. That is why air rifle hunters tend to select pellets beginning with the heaviest one available, and then backing off of weight to find the compromise that gives the best combination of sight-in (±2-inch) range and downrange energy.
Chabot Gun Club
Looks like an excellent range that's not too far from me for a weekend jaunt.
BCTSA - Silhouette Targets
Whatd does MOA mean!!?? - PerfectUnion BBS
Minute Of Angle (MOA). 1/60 of a degree. It is approxamitly 1" per 100yd (actualy it7s 1.037"/100yd), so 1/2" @ 50yd and 6" @ 600yd are both 1MOA. Groups are measured from center to center of the 2 furthest holes (outside to outside minus 1 bullet diameter is the same thing) and than converted to MOA.
American Airguns - Airgun Calculators
Good site for a variety of info on airguns. This is calculator page.
Air Gunner & Airgun World | Hunting with air rifles
Good list with pictures of common prey.
American Airguns Classified Ads - Classifieds
YouTube - Air rifle target shooting in New Zealand
YouTube - CnG Pest Control trial advertisement.wmv
YouTube - Hawke SR DVD [1]
3 part series on the Hawke R6 and R12 reticle scopes. Very interesting approach. Included a range finding function that I don't quite grasp, but the other use of the unusual reticle is compelling. Issue is that the reticle is set for a .22 caliber pellet and about 12 ft-pound pressure. He did demo use of .177, but I'm not sure I followed all the logic of his translating the reticle for that usage. I'm sure I could learn it fast enough though.

(:youtube 61WTfqMViHA:)

Hawke Sport Optics : Hawke Nite-Eye SR Riflescopes
He also really likes the Hawke night eye (nite eye?) R12 reticle.
YouTube - Static hunting tip.wmv
Good tips for hunting the field. Using a flag, with a point, near target area (when hunting in static position), staying downwind to avoid giving off scent, stay still.

(:youtube ReqKzrDvpSA|:)

YouTube - Shooting tips with Si Pittaway.wmv
Excellent instruction on holding the rifle steady, follow through, how he holds the rifle when using a rifle rest.

(:youtube fIMz64ouz7Q|:)

YouTube - BSA R10 shooting small targets then scope camera vermin hunting.wmv
Brilliant shooting, as always, from zinaroon.

(:youtube Hf5NlCmw-sE:)

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
My scope is a Tasco 6-24x50 range finding reticule with illume and AO.
YouTube - Re: Umarex CO2 pistol speed challenge
Air guns - Pyramyd Air Report: How does a pneumatic airgun work?
What is "valve lock"? Because the air in the reservoir exerts force on the valve, holding it closed, the higher the pressure, the more force it exerts. That force is balanced against the size of the valve, the weight of the striker and the strength of the striker spring. There's a range of reservoir pressure in which the valve remains open long enough to pass the same amount of air, despite the fact that the air pressure inside the reservoir declines with every shot. When the air pressure is at the high end of the range, the valve remains open for a shorter time, but the higher pressure forces more air through the valve. When the air pressure drops, the valve remains open longer, allowing a greater length of time for air at lower pressure to flow through the valve. The same volume of air flows through the valve in both circumstances.

The result for a precharged pneumatic that gets many shots per charge is that even though the air pressure is dropping, the velocity remains more or less constant throughout this pressure range. For a multi-pump pneumatic, the pressure range doesn't mean as much, except when the pressure goes too high. Then the valve cannot remain open long enough to exhaust all the air in the gun and there will still be air remaining for a second shot. Also, the shot the gun fires will be slower than normal, because less air is behind it.

The velocity will drop for both precharged pneumatics and multi-pumps when the air pressure goes above the range for which the valve was designed. The reason should be obvious - the valve closes before all the air needed for the shot can get out. This marks the beginning of valve lock. If the air pressure goes too high, the combined force of the striker and its spring will not be able to open the valve at all and there will be no shot. Now the gun is locked down by its own air pressure. The only remedy is to remove some of the pressure to drop the internal pressure down to a level at which the valve can open. Continued firing will drop the air pressure back down into the optimum operating range.
YouTube - Walther CP88 CO2 677 barrel to 477 barrel demonstration
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
"My scope is a Tasco 6-24x60 AO, Illume, mil dot." I respect this guy, so if he's using a Tasco, I'll have to look into it.
YouTube - BSA R10 accuracy testing FX 16 grain pellets.wmv
More use of mil dots in sighting targets up to 50 meters (zeroed at 30 meters).
YouTube - Benjamin Marauder in .22 cal. Quiet, Powerful, Accurate.. simply awesome
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Zinaroon - The new Weihrauch HW97KT is an amazing rifle mate. I would buy one of them any day over TX200.

If your rifle is .22 calibre at 12 FP then zero at 25 metres as you will stay within the kill zone size throughout most of its trajectory mate. If its .177 then zero it at 30 metres.
YouTube - Air Arms Pro Sport shooting 49 metres small targets and me explaining my own shooting technique.mpg
This guy is superb. Great instruction on shooting a rifle. Be solid, like foundation of a house. Don't try to hold or use your arms to move the rifle. Use your leg (as he demonstrated in video). Keep everything feeling natural. When placing arm on leg to stablize and support the rifle, stay comfortable and be sure you have flesh on flesh connection between arm and leg, not bone on bone. Flesh on flesh is more comfortable AND stable, which leads to better accuracy. As you are looking through the scope, the aim should go up and down (vertically) with the breath. If it goes side to side in any way, you're not in a natural shooting position. Adjust until the scope view goes up and down with breath. Then, as exhaling, hold breath at about half way point as cross hairs are on the target. Pull/squeeze trigger. Keep head down siting through scope AND trigger pulled until pellet hits or missed target. Then slowly lift head, followed by slowly releasing trigger. This is called "follow through." The guy hit bottle cap sized targets at 49 meters with a spring powered pellet rifle. Amazing.

(:youtube jYXuO6atxlc:)

Hawke 4-16x50 MapPro
Nice scope, less money. Specific for air rifles. Aren't the others in the list?
Hawke 6-24x50 Eclipse Side Focus Scope
At first blush, this looks like an awesome scope. Is Hawke a good brand?
Straight Shooters Air Gun Scope Selections
List of scopes for sale with good descriptions.
Air Rifle Scopes- An Overview
All scopes need a way to connect to the gun. This is done by using a one or two piece scope mount that fit around the scope and are tightened onto a rail on top of the airgun. I would recommend using a one piece mount for high powered spring air rifles that have a lot of recoil. A one piece mount is more sturdy and can withstand the intense recoil of magnum air rifles. If you are just mounting a scope to a CO2 or a lower powered spring rifle then a two piece mount will suffice. There are a few different types of hardware that you will need to be familiar with.
Air Rifle Scopes- An Overview
CenterPoint Power Class 3-12x44AO Compact Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot Reticle, 30mm Tube. SCOPES.
The 30 mm tube and large 44 mm objective provides a sharp and clear image but the most outstanding feature of this scope is the eye relief tolerance. I have tried many different brands of scopes and the eye relief on most is very critical, especially when you are using 10X power at the close end of the focus range. I don't know if the compact wide angle design of this scope is responsible or if it's just an accident of invention, but where most scopes require the shooter to wobble their head and roll their eye to find the exact eye relief point for a full clear picture of the target, this scope has a very forgiving eye relief range. Once you have adjusted the scopes position to the center of the eye relief range, you can snap the rifle to your shoulder and find a full clear picture of the target without wasting time trying to find an exact eye relief point. If you are a bench shooter, I guess it's not so important but about 90 percent of my shooting practice is off-hand snap shooting and being able to snap the rifle to my shoulder and instantly find the target image, has made this scope a pleasure to use. I recently purchased an Air Force Talon SS 22 and installed a new CenterPoint Power Class 3-12x44AO Compact Side Focus scope on it. The compact design fits perfectly with the Talon SS size and provides a great combination for off hand snap shooting. I have reviewed the Talon SS separately. Air gun shooting has become a favorite sport for me and it is a very economical way to maintain good shooting skills. The transition back to rim fire or center fire is quick and effective. To summarize, this scope is the best air rifle scope that I have found. The bright image, 30 mm tube, 44 mm objective, side focus and compact design are all plus points for this scope but again, the most outstanding feature is the “eye relief tolerance. As I expand my collection of air rifles, this scope will continue to be a favorite companion.
Weihrauch HW40 test - Airrifle.co.za - Passionate about air rifles!
AirForce 4-16x50 Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 1" Tube Reviews - Page 1
Airgun Websites
Lots of links to explore here.
YouTube - Weihrauch HW97K - Thumbhole Stock Version

(:youtube gIHLPJWQNZU:)

YouTube - BSA R10 calibration of your mil dots.wmv

(:youtube L8cPvLPru0Y:)

YouTube - Weihrauch HW100KT calibrating my mil dots and shooting 3 rabbits.wmv
Superb video on calibrating an air rifle with as mil dotted scope. Fantastic marksman, this guy. Something to aspire to.

(:youtube cjLQCojgBgA:)

YouTube - Air Arms Pro Sport Extreme range kill zone accuracy testing.wmv
More excellent shooting with air rifle, but this time at inanimate objects.
YouTube - Air Rifle Hunting short 10 minute trailor from Pure Air Rifle Hunting.wmv
10 minutes of head shots on birds with an air rifle. Gross but a demonstration of some excellent marksmanship. Extra cool because some of the shots were "videoed" through the scope. And he narrates the Kentucky windage adjustments, this many mil dots over or under. Even a fantastic shot with a wind right to left.
Gutty and preparing at rabbit for cooking - YouTube - AirgunHunterUK's Channel
Can't say I really want to eat a cute little rabbit, but it's worth knowing should I end up shooting one.
YouTube - AirgunHunterUK's Channel
Place a strip of putty, like "blue tack," on an accessible location on your gun, stick the pellets into the putty head first. Now you have easy access to ammo when loading your "springer" or pneumatic pump air gun.
YouTube - Dirt E. Harry Compares The Hill Pump & The AirHog Supreme
I bought a [the] Scottish version of the airforce rifles, also bought the pump, [because I] like to plink a lot, and now I have upper torso that looks like something out of the film 300 -- yeeehaaaa happy days!
YouTube - cubleycat's Channel
Simple little idea for indoor target trap. Take a box of good size and with some duct tape and cardboard create a backstop to the box made of phonebooks, magazines, or books. Quite workable.
Air Arms TX200 vs the Weihrauch HW97K review | Airguns Reviews | Gunmart
Air guns - Pyramyd Air Report: Spring has sprung!
Best springers for field target:
  1. TX200
  2. HW77
  3. HW97
  4. R9
PyramydAir - Blog
Air Gun Home :: View topic - High Velocity Pellets lose accuracy
When first shot, the bullet is still accelerating and has no significant power loss at that point so turbulence is negated, somewhat. It's coming down in velocity and through the sound barrier that causes the more significant issues.
Velocity - Accuracy - Value - Some things to look for in an airgun
BUT DOESN'T A FASTER PELLET DROP LESS ON ITS WAY TO THE TARGET? Yes, it does. It also wanders all over the place instead of tracking along an accurate path. So you can either hit your target with the slower pellet or you can miss it with a faster pellet that doesn't drop as much - it's your choice.

Back in the late 1800s, men shot at 1,000 yards and even out to one mile with bullets that barely went supersonic, if at all. They had to judge the range more than shooters do today, but their rifles were very accurate. The bullet that hits the target does more damage than the one that misses at high velocity.

Fascinating. So to be an accurate shooter, I must judge distance and shoot subsonic.
Velocity - Accuracy - Value - Some things to look for in an airgun
Most top-quality pellets are made with a pinched waist - a so-called wasp waist. The correct term for this design is diabolo. A diabolo pellet is stabilized (prevented from tumbling) by the high air drag on its tail. A hollow skirt plus the pinched waist work together to produce this drag, plus a forward weight bias keeps the nose pointed in the right direction. Where a conventional rifle stabilizes the bullet by spinning it rapidly, a diabolo pellet will even be reasonably accurate in a smoothbore gun. It works exactly like badminton "birdie" and for the same reason - a high-drag skirt.

Most modern pellet rifles and pistols are rifled which does cause the pellet to spin on its axis in flight, but the rate of spin is too slow to stabilize the pellet by itself. When the pellet leaves the muzzle it starts slowing down very rapidly. It will lose more than half its muzzle velocity within the first 100 yards of flight.

If the pellet was shot at a speed above the sound barrier, it will also be destabilized by passing through the sonic pressure wave it created. The sound barrier varies, but it usually remains near 1,100 f.p.s. at sea level on a normal day. When a pellet goes faster than the sound barrier it makes a sharp crack, which is the "breaking" of the barrier. It will be less accurate than if it were shot from the same gun at 900 f.p.s. or less, where the sound barrier is not a problem. While 900 f.p.s. is quite a bit below 1,100 f.p.s., there is great turbulence whenever the sonic barrier is approached. For this reason, knowledgeable shooters never allow their pellet rifles to shoot much faster than 900 f.p.s. If they buy one of the supermagnums that do shoot much faster, they use the heaviest pellets they can find to get the muzzle velocity back down.
Air guns - BB Guns - Pellet guns - Air rifles - Crosman - Gamo - Daisy - Beeman - PyramydAir.com
Round balls out-penetrate diabolo pellets. They can be as accurate as most diabolos in some airguns. Use them on hard targets, where penetration is desired over energy transfer - and hold your maximum range to the distance at which you can hold a group in the kill zone of your quarry.
Airgun formulas and other neat stuff, how to calculate foot-pounds and velocity
Tom Gaylord does another great job. This time he's explains how to calculate muzzle energy, velocities, etc. Includes calculators in the page. Very interesting and useful.
Airgun calibers: The lowdown on the four most popular airgun calibers, plus a quick look at BBs
The sport of field target is one competitive shooting sport in which a .177 places the shooter at a distinct advantage. The shooter must shoot a pellet through a small hole in a steel target to hit a paddle, knocking down the target and registering a hit. If the pellet touches the side of the hole, there's a good chance the target won't fall and no point will be awarded. The kill-zone holes range from 1/4" to 2" in diameter, but the smaller holes are by far more common in a match. So, the smaller size of the .177 pellet makes it the statistically superior choice in this sport.

A problem .177 pellets have is that their light weight allows them to go faster than the larger sizes. Once the speed of the pellet approaches the speed of sound (a variable speed of approximately 1,100 f.p.s. at sea level), the accuracy suffers. For powerful air rifles, shooters must select the heaviest pellets in .177 to keep the velocity down.

I get this message again and again--AVOID the speed of sound (1,100 fps)! Pellet speeds near the speed of sound will harm your accuracy. Unless you can exceed the sound barrier by a lot, just shoot for something below 880. And remember that the speed of sound isn't constant (depends on air pressure). You've been warned.

Air guns - Pyramyd Air Report: What makes a pellet accurate?
No doubt you know that diabolo pellets destabilize when they get up to transonic velocities. Transonic speed is defined as a speed just below and just above the speed of sound. That's Mach 0.8 to Mach 1.2, or about 880 to 1320 f.p.s., if you accept 1100 f.p.s. as the speed of sound. Because the sound barrier is a variable itself, it is impossible to give an exact speed that will always be correct.

Look at the lower velocity - 880 f.p.s. That's the lower limit of transonic flight. Transonic flight is a speed at which the airflow over the body of a projectile is moving at supersonic speeds at some places and subsonic speeds at others. A barrier wave is created at transonic speed, and that wave causes flutter on a shape not designed to handle it. That flutter causes the projectile to wobble, which causes destabilization. Like it or not, the transonic range is the worst range at which to shoot a diabolo pellet. And because of its shape, a diabolo pellet slows down so rapidly when accelerated to supersonic speed that it's into the transonic region soon after leaving the muzzle - even when the muzzle velocity exceeds 1400 f.p.s.! So, shooting faster than 900 f.p.s., is bad with domed diabolos all the time, and worse on days when the sound barrier is below 1100 f.p.s., because the pellet remains transonic for a longer period of time.
Basic Types of Airguns
Weihrauch HW40 - Review - Air - handguns - CO2air.de
Main Page - AirgunArena
YouTube - Pellet shapes - Airgun Academy Episode 4
Dome, most accurate at long distance; Pointed: accurate at short ranges, loses accuracy at long ranges, excellent penetration; Wadcutter: good for mid to short ranged target shooting and pest elimination at short range since it doesn't penetrate the pest, not good at long range; Hollow Point: good for plinking cans and hunting because pellet expands when it hits the target.

(:youtube bbajaKrdYks:)

Cocked Springer - Ken Pang.
This test does show that leaving a spring airgun cocked, no matter for how long, will adversely affect the life and power of any mainspring.
Hunting Regulation for Airguns - AirgunArena
California: Allows the use of gas powered guns for the taking of small game animals, including rabbit, squirrel, quail, and turkey. It is stipulated that when hunting turkey the caliber of the airgun must be .20 caliber or larger. Non-game species such as sparrows, pigeons, starlings, ground squirrels, coyote and jackrabbit may also be taken with airguns. California is my favorite airgunning state, because in addition to the intelligent regulation pertaining to airguns, there are literally thousands upon thousands of acres of public land to hunt.
Main Page - AirgunArena
YouTube - RWS Diana Pellet Pistol! Break Barrel. Review!
Online Airgun Sales - List of Dealers
Provides a nice table, with links, to a bunch of air gun dealers in the U.S. and perhaps a few outside the U.S.
YouTube - The Easy Way to Sight-In an Air Rifle Scope

(:youtube lLirsAFpsfE:)

YouTube - How it's made- CO2 cartridges
This was actually pretty interesting.

(:youtube r7FgKkPHc1E:)

HW 40 PCA Air Pistol
by Weihrauch

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