Ten simple steps to recognizing and solving emotional problems own your own.

Many emotional problems are learned -- That's the ascertain in this Psychology Today article. Once you realize and accept that you play a central role in overcoming your problems, "self-help" becomes possible.

Most people with mental or emotional problems are making one of 10 common errors:

  1. You are too demanding and a perfectionist.
  2. You don't say what you mean, or mean what you say.
  3. You tend to be judgmental.
  4. You are afraid of making mistakes.
  5. There is very little fun in your life.
  6. You do not take responsibility for your actions.
  7. You set unrealistic goals.
  8. You cannot let go of grudges.
  9. You are unable to tolerate the inevitable frustrations of life.
  10. You think pessimistically or embrace a pep-psychology form of optimism.

Simply knowing how to go about solving your problems will make you feel in control of your life--putting you on the path to restoring your own emotional health. Article then goes on to suggest ways to counter each of the ten foibles.

Psychology Today: Be Your Own Shrink