Here's an excellent reality check for those thinking about enlisting in the military. Among the lessons you'll learn:

Recruitment Contracts Are UNILATERAL

Which means you, the recruit, are legally bound and obligated to fulfill the terms of the contract.

HOWEVER, the government is NOT.

In fact, the government can CHANGE the terms of the contract as they desire, and they routinely do.

A common example of the government changing a recruit's contract is when the duration or end date of a contract is extended, a practice often called stop loss. So a recruit can sign a two-year contract, but his duty can be extended (at the discretion of the military) to months or years beyond the original end date.

What is the point of the contract?

To bind the recruit for service without binding the government.

Reservist Can Only Get Financial Aid for College While Enlisted

The only time a reservist can get financial aid for their education is while they are still active or enlisted as a reservist. If they quit the reserve, they no longer can get financial aid for college. With many reservist being sent to active duty--repeatedly--there is no way for them to actually use the financial aid they earned or deserve.

Watch the video for more.

(:youtube 6fkkdoDOIJM:)

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