Barry Kibrick

Between the Lines - Accidentally discovered this marvelous interview program when I stumble on Barry Kibrick's interview with photographer Robert Zuckerman. I wanted to hear more of Kibrick's interviews and found a Between the Lines archive list that includes links to interviews with Ridley Scott and Stephen Shapiro (Goal Free Living). I gotta check these out.

~barry kibrick — 24 October 2006, 13:37

Thanks Brent for the nice mention. Barry

~Brent — 25 October 2006, 11:45

Thank you for your marvelous work. You're enthusiasm is fantastic and reflects so well how I feel about creative people and their work. Only wish I discovered you sooner.

~barry kibrick — 29 November 2006, 10:19

Brett: Barry kibrick here. Do you have an e-mail address that I might be able to contact you through? Let me know. barrykibrick at Thanks

~Mary Kay Niles — 10 January 2007, 21:04MNILES1492@SBCGLOBAL.NET

Barry: I received the copy of the Between the Lines re: decorating. Thank you very much. Mary Kay Niles

~verna — 10 August 2007, 13:22

How do we sing up for your book club? Please reply me at