Creative Attitude - Found these suggestions about becoming more creative in blog post: 9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People. I distilled the original list of nine tips into seven. Not terribly profound, but good reminders.

1. Curiosity
Learning to ask ‘why’, ‘what if’ and ‘I wonder…’ are great questions t build into your life if you want to be a more creative person.
2. See Problems as Interesting and Acceptable
Instead of seeing problems as obstacles and unacceptable, see problems as natural, normal and fascination.

3. Confront a Challenge
Many creative ideas come from people facing a challenge or crisis. Instead of running from it, ask ‘how can I overcome this’? This will lead to creative ideas.
4. Develop Constructive Discontent
Creative people are often acutely aware of "what’s wrong" with the world around them; however, they are tend to be "constructive in their discontent," letting it motivate them to do something positive.
5. Be Optimistic
Creative people tend to hold the belief that most problems can be solved. By entering every challenge with that belief and optimism, you'll increase your chances of generating creative ideas.
6. Suspend Judgment
Hold off on judging an idea--no matter how off the wall. Reason? Because you NEVER know if that off the wall idea will lead to. The time for judgment is at the end of the creative process, as you evaluate the ideas you have generated...but even then, don't underestimate the value of one idea being a necessary stepping stone for another.
7. Persevere
Obvious. Stick with your ideas, even when things get tough. Some say this is what sets apart the great from the good.

9 Attitudes of Highly Creative People

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