Found this burglar's advice on a link that has since died. Most of the advice seems to serve the burglar more than the potential victim, so consider the source.

Best Place to Hide Money - Short answer: The bank. Aside from that, here is a burglar's best advice:

Understand a burglar's motivations:

  1. To steal your money and valuables
  2. To get out of the house quickly with these goods

So, donít hide all your money and valuables too well. To quote the burglar...

"If I canít find money and valuables in the normal places, I'll tear the house apart until I find something."

Leave some money in obvious places for the burglar to quickly find. Enough to be convince him he's found your stash.

Leave an envelope in a drawer or by your computer with "Bank Safe Deposit Box" on the outside and a list of items on the inside. This tips off the burglar that valuables are stored at the bank and not the house.

Best place to hide money?

In toys in a young childís room. No one trusts kids with money, and kids' rooms are always a mess and, therefore, difficult to search quickly.

If using a safe make sure it's professionally bolted down and canít easily be removed.

Be sure to tell spouse about the fake and true hiding places. Otherwise, money and valuables could be accidentally thrown away.

Again, all this so-called advice seems to serve the burglar more than the potential victim...Consider the source.

The Best Place To Hide Money - Conversation With A Burglar

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