Butt Out! - I heard about this bizzaro product or tool on reddit. After some investigation, I discovered the product is named Butt Out -- which describes exactly what the tool does. To learn more, have a look at the picture below, and if you have the stomach, the video farther down.

It sure isn't a "pleasuring device" as someone suggested...

Butt Out - Field Dressing Tool

Butt Out - Field Dressing Tool

What is Butt Out?

Butt out is a tool used by hunters as part of the field dressing process. It's designed to remove the lower 12 inches of a dear's rectum.

What a treat -- I also found the Butt Out DEMO video...which I viewed once and just about threw up.

(:youtube G6rI9bMlXsQ:)

Butt Out! Apply directly to the forehead!
Butt Out! Apply directly to the forehead!
Butt Out! Apply directly to the forehead!

You know the rest...

Funny thing - I bet you the same guys who use this Butt Out tool will refuse a spouse's request to scrub the toilet.

Am I wrong?

God Said "Butt Out!" by James Thompson

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Andy — 03 December 2007, 11:47

Oddly enough, I used one this weekend that that little piece of plastic is the best invention that I have seen!

Brent — 03 December 2007, 15:49

The video makes it look very effective, so I'm not surprised it's a good tool...I just can't let go of the obvious connotations and silliness such a product name can generate. Thanks for the report!

Janet confused about Butt out — 06 December 2007, 14:21

I'm not sure whay only the first 12 inches need to be removed. It would seem that that would just spill colon contents and comtaminate the meat. I'd love to know more.

Brent — 08 December 2007, 15:43

It's a question I've been wanting to ask...but I'm afraid of the answer :)

Janet confused about Butt out — 09 December 2007, 21:26

Brent, you are wise to be afraid of the answer. Who knows what bugs are rampant in a deer's gut?!

Dave — 13 December 2007, 05:55

you should tie the canal off and cut behind it to stop colon from emptying into meat

Brent — 13 December 2007, 06:12

Unfortunately, after seeing the video, I think I understand how you would do that.

Buying meat in the store really removes your psyche from the reality that an animal died for that hamburger, drumstick, or honey-baked ham. I'm not about to become a vegetarian because of it, but it does make me feel very removed from some primal part life.

Skoso — 26 June 2008, 12:05

This idiot in the video made his "solution" a problem. The directions of this product (I own one) clearly states you should zip tie the colon closed. Then cut away outside the zip tie leaving the colon and small intestine sealed. Keeping the poo from leaking onto the meat that is ostensibly meant to be eaten.

What an idiot.