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YouTube - How to tie a Trucker's Hitch
Good illustration of trucker's hitch.

(:youtube cNWELuXo_bY:)

YouTube - Knot How-To: Bowline, Taut Line Hitch
Seem to be an error in the bowline "over, under, over" instruction, but good illustration how bowline and taut line hitch are used in combination for a clothesline. Once I found error in bowline instruction, I found this my favorite video for learning the bowline and taut line hitch.

(:youtube iCFdfakldck:)

YouTube - Eight most useful knots
For boating, but provides good orientation knots and terminology. Instructions are a little fast, but still a useful reference.

(:youtube PpHnwMaEX88:)

YouTube - 7 Knots Every Scout Should Know

(:youtube Q8wAtYfsOQs:)

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The Morrow Guide to Knots
by Mario Bigon & Guido Regazzoni

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