Caption Missing on HD Channels - After installing Comcast cable box, we lost the closed captioning for HD TV channels.

The HD problem - Caption controls exist on two separate menus:

  1. one for the TV
  2. one for the cable box

To display captions for HD channels, you need to enable captioning through the cable box's caption menu. The TV's caption menu will NOT enable captions for HD TV channels.

The hard part is figuring out how to access the cable box's caption menu. Here's how we accessed the cable box's caption menu and restored the captioning for ALL channels, HD and non-HD.

  1. Turn ON TV and cable box.
  2. Turn OFF cable box by pressing the Power button on cable box--DON'T unplug the cable box!
Cable box buttons
Cable Box Buttons
  1. Press Menu button on cable box. This will display the cable box menu on the TV.
Cable box menu
Cable Box Menu
  2. Adjust other cable settings as desired (ANALOG = CC1, etc.).
  3. Press Menu button on cable box to exit menu.
  4. Press Power button on cable box to turn on cable box.

HD channels should now display captioning (if available). The above steps set the cable box to caption.

Closed Captions for Non-HD channels are NOT controlled by the cable box menu. To caption those channels you need to access the TV's closed caption menu. Steps for doing that vary with the TV model (check you TV manual).

By having both the cable box and the TV closed captioning the signal, your TV should display closed caption for ALL channels. However, there is a chance you will get double captioning. If that happens, turn off the captioning for one of the devices, either the TV or the cable box as needed.

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