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Credit Card Scam - BE VERY CAREFUL
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I got nailed by this scam last weekend and it still hurts.

Someone will approach you pretending to be your "loving wife" complete with gratuitous sex and your favorite snack. She will then subtly ask if you have a balance on your credit card.

This is where you MUST answer "Yes, it's completely maxed out."

Otherwise she will cleverly slip it from your wallet while pretending to enjoy fondling your coconuts.

Later that day, while you rest comfortably on the couch remote in hand, your card will be used to purchase half a dozen ridiculously overpriced "sale" items.

The scam is so diabolical it resists any recourse by the presentation of one small gift, purchased with your card of course, special for you only. Your "loving wife" will then revert back to "moody hag" and disappear to wherever it is they go while you're in the house.

On a happy note, I really like my new Steelers hat, it keeps my head quite dry during my new part time job collecting shopping carts at Superstore.

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