Rice Bran Cures Cancer - This article exposes a potential cancer cure from Japan that's been overlooked. Here's the basic idea:

Cancer cells contain more iron than other cells (to support growth). Seed and rice bran contains a compound (inositol hexaphosphate or IP6) that "chelates" or binds iron, making it unavailable to fuel the tumor cell's growth. Man-made chelating drugs can work, too, but most have dangerous (even toxic) side effects, and their effectiveness appears to be inferior to the natural sources found in seed or rice bran.

The Cancer Lifeline Cookbook: Good Nutrition, Recipes, and Resources

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Nuke Johnson?01 March 2007, 07:59http://www.strollaway.com

Our dad has been diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) and I've been researching the alternative cures/treatments on the internet. I too ran into this article and was curious about the validity. How could IP6 be so overlooked? Have you found out anymore information about this "overlooked cancer cure"?

Brent?07 March 2007, 07:05

Hey, Nuke, I don't know much about the validity of this, but I know you can Google a lot of resources. I'm sure there are treatment options and clinical trials to evaluate. I found this one about how a CheapSafeDrugKillsMostCancers. Again, can't vouch for anything, but worth looking into. I wish your Dad the best. Cancer touches everyone I know in one way or another. Peace, Brent

Janet T?31 March 2007, 08:41

Found this low-cost source: http://www.riceplex.com

meetali?06 October 2007, 00:01

hi read this article... i am presenting a paper on rice bran oil and would like to know more on rice bran cures cancer.. May you please help me by sending some more articles on this topic..my e-mail ID is ajg_meeta@yahoo.co.in

Jeff?18 November 2007, 11:22

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