House of D

House of D by David Duchovny - Just watched a marvelous film written and directed by David Duchovny titled The House of D. It tells two stories: one of a 13 year-old boy coming of age in New York in the early 70's; the second of a 40-something man trying to remember his painful past and share it for the first time with his wife and his own 13 year-old son.

It's a wonderful, touching film, though I was left wanting in one respect. I wanted to know more about the struggle of Tommy, the man. How had his past affected him as an adult? We only see the result after 30 years.

But if telling that story meant taking anything away from the story of 13 year-old Tommy...then I accept the gap. That storyline hooked me to the core.

David Duchovny wrote and directed a fantastic story, and also played the adult Tommy. Anton Yelchin plays 13 year-old Tommy, and does a superb job. He conveyed such soul and subtlety. This is an actor beyond his years. I expect a bright future for Anton. And then there's the irrepressible Robin Williams. He plays Tommy's best friend Pappass, who is mentally challenged. Oh, and Robin Williams' own daughter, Zelda Williams, plays Tommy's first love, Mellisa. Rounding out the cast is Duchovny's wife, Téa Leoni, who plays Tommy's widowed mother. Leoni does a fantastic job capturing the torment of a single mother's stuggle to keep it together after her husband dies. I really like Leoni. She can do it all. From comedy to drama, she's got range.

House of D Cast

 Anton Yelchin	.... 	Tommy
 Robin Williams	.... 	Pappass
 Téa Leoni	.... 	Mrs. Warshaw
 Erykah Badu	.... 	Lady/Bernadette
 David Duchovny	.... 	Tom Warshaw
 Frank Langella	.... 	Reverand Duncan
 Zelda Williams	 .... 	Melissa
 Magali Amadei	.... 	Coralie Warshaw
 Olga Sosnovska	.... 	Simone
 Orlando Jones	.... 	Superfly
 Bernie Sheredy	.... 	Sasha (as Bernard Sheredy)
 Stephen Spinella	.... 	Ticket Seller
 Alice Drummond	.... 	Mrs. Brevoort
 Harold Cartier	.... 	Odell Warshaw
 Mark Margolis	.... 	Mr. Pappass
A House of D [DVD]