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I tried out almost every weapon at max. I saved the game in chapter 15 and tested out each weapon (took all my nodes and transferred them just for testing).

This is a fact, the plasma cutter is the best weapon in the game. It is wicked powerful and can shoot very quickly. It's good against every enemy in the game.

The detonator is good when upgraded but it is difficult to use in many situations. You have to know where enemies are located. It is horrendous from close range (you end up just hurting yourself). Its shooting speed is ok, if you are in a room with 4 necromorphs and they charge at you from different directions, you are toast. Its great from mid to long range, very powerful.

The Contact Beam is beastly. Its my go to weapon for killing bosses and tougher enemies. One shot kills on just about every non boss necromorphs. When upgraded the reload time is much faster (its horrible when you first get it). Shooting speed is not great, even when fully upgraded. But again, much better than when you first get it.

I was disappointed in the ripper! I LOVED it from DS1. The main thing I hated in DS2 was how close it is to your body now. In DS1 it was way further in front of the body and that's what made it so beastly. You could even make it come closer to your body as enemies got closer (in DS1). They totally nerf'd it.

The Flamethrower is worthless.

Force Gun seemed very nice. Although it has a tough time killing some enemies. I need to test it out more. I believe there are enemies that it can't blow off their limbs (although I could be wrong). If I play again I'm gonna be using it a lot.

The Javelin Gun seemed very nice also. Especially when I got the special explosive tip for the spears. I also want to use this in my next play through.

I was never a big fan of the Pulse Rifle. Too many bullets needed to be used.

Lastly, is the Seeker Rifle. I never really got to use it on enemies. I didn't like what I saw of that either.

So my favs would be:
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Contact Beam
  • Detonator
  • Force Gun
  • Javelin Gun

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You can use the shop and the work bench to get easy health boosts. Each time you don a suit for the first time -- after buying it in the shop -- your health is filled to maximum. This only works the first time you put on each suit, but with the extra downloadable suits you can do this several times throughout the game.

Alternately, once you can purchase the Respec ability (5000 Credits), you can strip the Power Nodes from the Rig and replace them for full health -- this costs less than, say, buying a large health pack.
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Go up to the machines that look like ATM's and melee attack them. Credits will pop out.
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