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27 December 2006

One Sentence Challenge and How to Get Attention of Police. Here's the Caffeine Curve.

How to Import Large MySQL Data Files

21 December 2006

Practice does NOT make perfect...except maybe for this woman.

Scientists discover happiness helps creativity.

And here's a Pachelbel Rant -- on video!

(:youtube JdxkVQy7QLM:)

Pachelbel Rant by Rob Paravonian

19 December 2006

Penis facts?. And Using Google to find MP3 and Video Files

15 December 2006

Diabetes Cure in the Nerves

Dave Barry Learned All This in 50 Years and here are Men's Rules

14 December 2006

Watched The World's Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins. What a delight. Hopkins' performance was....perfection, authentic, a masterpiece. What delight he held for this character. The kiwi accent (I'm told it sounded authentic) was all came off so damn natural...authentic. Hopkins is such a master, and I have to believe he totally adored this role. It's a small film...intimate, revealing, a struggle. Well worth watching.

Bittorrent Basics

10 December 2006

Scrubs Cast Performs Charlie Brown Christmas and 5 Ways to Beat a Hangover

Pronto Condom

8 December 2006

Here's how Pirates crack Microsoft Windows Vista Activation Server and I always wondered What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Coke.

My wife found this in an ALDA newsletter.

In the recent movie, “The Interpreter”, Nicole Kidman’s character, Silvia Broome, speaks to the issue of forgiveness and letting go of past wrongs:

“Everyone who loses somebody,” Silvia says, “wants revenge, on God if they can't find anyone else. But in Africa, in Matobo, the Ku believe that the only way to end grief is to save a life. If someone is murdered, a year of mourning ends with a ritual that we call the Drowning Man Trial. There's an all-night party beside a river. At dawn, the killer is put in a boat. He's taken out on the water and he's

dropped. He's bound so that he can't swim. The family of the dead then has to choose. They can let him drown or they can save him. The Ku believe that if the family lets the killer drown, they'll have justice but spend the rest of their lives in mourning. But if they save him, if they admit that life isn't always just... that very act can take away their sorrow.”

"The only way to end grief is to save a life." What a concept.

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Diamonds

3 December 2006

Smashing The Work Clock

Mom's Job Description

Four months.

Mother Duck Loses Babies Down Sewer Grate

99 Ways To Keep Your Heart Pumping

5 Ways to Look Better in Pictures

Drug-eluting Coronary Artery Stents Increase Clot Risk

2 December 2006

Upgrading from Girlfriend 4.0 to Wife 1.0