Dilbert and IBM - Since I'm now working at IBM (me and about 340,000 others), I found a special affinity for this cartoon, which was passed around by a co-worker. The fact he cc'd our manager with the cartoon tells loads. So from my experience, IBM isn't (always) this way :)

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Dilbert and IBM
What Would Wally Do?

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psikeyhackr — 24 February 2007, 17:40

As an ex-IBMer from the days before Powerpoint I admit that was somewhat funny. When the Datamaster 23 was introduced, to give you an idea how out of date I am, I ran benchmarks between it and the 5100 that it replaced. The 5100 was almost twice as fast.

Of course they were both dogs compared to what we have now. So why do we need even more powerful computers? ROFL

Eva — 05 March 2007, 07:17

Since I am not working for IBM. I have to say that IBM is like this way :D

Brent — 25 June 2007, 10:33

Ha! The longer I work in a mega-corporation, the more obvious the disconnect between executive management and where the real work gets done. In fact, a growing, implicit part of our job is planning how to accommodate for the seemingly whimsical changes that could be demanded by execs. The amount of effort we expend for that accommodation is significant and, I hasten to say, mostly wasted.

Coven Dog — 28 May 2008, 19:25

Well, I am one of the 340,000 and I must say that even though I (sometimes) get paid for overtimes, I have to agree...

Paul O'Sullivan — 05 June 2008, 11:13

I used to work for a IBM - investment bank jv. Spot on.