What I learned from President Bush - A sad statement that reflects current sentiment about President Bush and his legacy.

  1. Lying is OK
  2. Torture is OK
  3. Killing is OK
  4. Cheating is OK
  5. Neglecting the poor is OK
  6. Taking away people is OK
  7. Being a religious hypocrite is OK
  8. Incompetence is OK
  9. Cronyism is OK
A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency - by Glenn Greenwald

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Sad Mom?01 October 2007, 08:59

What happened to real comedy? In the 60's we had "jose himinez" (ok I can't spell) and many funny comedians that brought up issues in a humorous way that shined light on those dark spots. Today imagination is nil. All you can do is call someone a liar? Please, politics is a synonym for liar. Thank TV's as babysitters for the last forty years for your lack of creativity. What's next? Gameboy and IPods for babysitters, wonder what great thoughts will come out of that?

Brent?01 October 2007, 12:35

Yeah, I guess this one isn't really funny...It's sad, disappointing, disturbing, etc. I do think the Daily Show and the Colbert Report use humor well to illustrate the absurdity. I find myself frustrated, unable to contribute...Maybe I'm just lazy (or "busy"), depending....