Food Addiction Diet - My wife found the concepts in Kay Sheppard's Food Addiction: The Body Knows book quite profound. We are addicted to food. It's obvious. But many of us are addicted to the wrong kinds of foods. The book explains how to recognize the food addictions and how to recover and change them.

BreakfastLunchDinnerBefore BedDaily
1 Dairy1 Protein1 Protein1 Dairy1 T. Oil
1 Protein1 Raw Vegetable1 Raw Vegetable1 Fruit1 oz. Sauce
1 Grain1 Cooked Vegetable1 Cooked Vegetable 1 T. Spice
1 Fruit 1 Starchy Vegetable or Grain 6 Servings Sweetener
Food Addiction: The Body Knows: Revised & Expanded Edition
Food From the First Bite: A Complete Guide to Recovery from Food Addiction