Endless Simmer: 100 Ways to Cook with Guinness
Guinness launches 'friendly' Facebook app - Brand Republic News
Guinness has launched an augmented reality Facebook app, which pours and shares a virtual pint, ahead of St. Patrick's Day later this week.

Where to find a proper pint! - Guinness On Tap
"GuinnessOnTap.com has built a database to store bars around the world who carry Guinness on tap, just the way you like it."

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Studies claim that Guinness can be beneficial to the heart. Researchers found that antioxidant compounds in Guinness, similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, are responsible for health benefits because they slow down the deposit of harmful cholesterol on the artery walls.
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Although the palate of Guinness still features a characteristic "tang", the company has refused to confirm whether this type of blending still occurs.

The thick creamy head is the result of the beer being mixed with nitrogen when being poured.

It is popular with Irish people both in Ireland and abroad and, in spite of a decline in consumption since 2001[1], is still the best-selling alcoholic drink in Ireland where Guinness & Co. makes almost 2 billion annually.
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A distinctive feature is the burnt flavour which is derived from the use of roasted unmalted barley (though this is a relatively modern development since it did not become a part of the grist until well into the 20th century). For many years a portion of aged brew was blended with freshly brewed product to give a sharp lactic flavour (which was a characteristic of the original Porter).
Calories in Guinness - Beer
210 calories per pint of draught.
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Guinness is a popular Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness (1725-1803) at St. James's Gate, Dublin.
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how2heroes - Guinness Cupcakes
Amazing amount of butter and one cup of Guinness.

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