Hack to Change Windows XP Home to Windows XP Professional

Enable the features found in Windows XP Professional on your Windows XP Home Edition installation with this hack. It will allow you to turn your Windows XP Home CD into a Windows XP Professional CD.

Note: If your Windows XP CD does not contain Service Pack 2, you might want to Slipstream Your Windows XP CD first as you will not be able to upgrade an installation after using the CD.

1. Copy the root directory and the i386 directory of the WindowsXP CD to your hard drive.

2. Extract the Bootsector of your Windows XP CD. You can use BBIE to do this.



5. Click FILE-->LOAD HIVE and select the Setupreg.hiv file This file is located in the i386 folder. Use the one you extracted to your hard drive from your Windows XP CD.

6. Locate the following registry key:


7. Edit the DEFAULT key and change the following values:

01 to 00
02 to 00

8. Change the name to the value HOMEKEY to anything.

9. Locate the following registry key:


Edit the DEFAULT key and change the following values:

01 to 00
02 to 00

10. Highlight HOMEKEY and select FILE-->UNLOAD HIVE

You can now burn the data on your hard drive to a CD to make a new Windows XP CD. Then use the CD to install Windows XP. Be sure to make the CD bootable. You can use the instructions here to help you do that.

How to Slipstream Windows XP Service Pack 2

Instructions for combining your existing Windows XP CD and burning a CD so that it's merged with Windows Service Pack 2.

1. Copy the entire contents of your Windows XP Installation CD to a folder on your hard drive. In this example, I am using c:\xp

2. Make another folder for the Service Pack 2 file. In this example, I am using c:\sp2.

3. Download Service Pack 2 from Microsoft. Rename the file to xpsp2.exe

4. Bring up a DOS window by going to START-->RUN and type cmd and click OK. Type "cd\" and press ENTER Type "cd sp2" and press ENTER

Type "xpsp2.exe /integrate:c:\xp" and press ENTER Now Service Pack 2 is being integrated with the information from the CD at c:\xp.

5. Download the Microsoft Corporation.img file. This is the file that makes the CD bootable. Save it to your c: drive.

6. Setup your burning software to burn the data.

For Nero 6:

a. Choose CD-ROM (Boot) from the New Compilation's Boot page.

b. Under Source of boot image data choose "Image file" and Browse to the c:\Microsoft Corporation.img.

c. Select Enable expert settings (for advanced users only) and set the following: Kind of emulation - No Emulation Number of loaded sectors - 4 Load segment of sectors - 07C0 Click NEW.

d. File Browser area, navigate to c:\xp. Select all of the files inside of that directory except for xpsp2.exe and copy them over to the left side for burning.

e. Click BURN and you're done once the CD is complete.

For Roxio Easy CD Creator

a. Rename Microsoft Corporation.img file to BOOTIMG.BIN.


c. Select ADVANCED and set the following: Bootable Disc Type - No Emulation Load Segment - 0x7c0 Sector Count - 4

d. Click BROWSE and select the BOOTIMG.BIN file. Click OK

e. Select FILE-->CD PROJECT PROPERTIES and make sure that the FILE SYSTEM is set to ISO9660. You can also set the volume label to give the CD a title.

f. Click the ADVANCED tab and ensure the following are checked: Use Original File Date Any MS-DOS 8.3 character file names

g. Click the FILE FILTER tab and just ensure that ALL FILES is checked. Click OK.

h. Drag and drop all files in c:\xp except for xpsp2.exe to the CD Project Screen. If you get error messages, click CHANGE ALL for all of them.

i. Click RECORD and start burning your CD.

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