YouTube - Improving your shooting #1. Four Rules of Firearm Safety.
Suggestions for a cleaning kit? : guns
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reload fails [graphic] - Maryland Shooters
I need help with my shooting grip - Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!
A lot of people who use the straight thumbs grip think, not illogically, that the important thing is pointing the thumbs kinda-sorta forward. They don't understand that the heart of the technique is not pointing the thumbs, it's rolling the wrist forward to get your support hand higher up on the gun for more leverage to hold down muzzle flip, and springload your wrist into the "down" position which also does its bit to hold down muzzle flip. Thus they wind up with, in my opinion, a misapplication of the technique that has the wrist basically straight and the thumbs pointed slightly upward.
Brian Enos7s Forums... Maku mozo!
Which is worse for ear damage 9mm or .45 cal? - THR
Noise levels of firearms:

.22 caliber rifle 130dB
.223, 55GR. Commercial load 18" barrel 155.5dB
.243 in 22" barrel 155.9dB
.30-30 in 20" barrel 156.0dB.
7mm Magnum in 20" barrel 157.5dB.
.308 in 24" barrel 156.2dB.
.30-06 in 24" barrel 158.5dB. In 18" barrel 163.2dB.
.375 18" barrel with muzzle brake 170 dB.
.410 Bore 28" barrel 150dB. 26" barrel 150.25dB. 18" barrel 156.30dB.
20 Gauge 28" barrel 152.50dB. 22" barrel 154.75dB.
12 Gauge 28" barrel 151.50dB. 26" barrel 156.10dB. 18" barrel 161.50dB.
.25 ACP 155.0 dB.
.32 LONG 152.4 dB.
.32 ACP 153.5 dB.
.380 157.7 dB.
9mm 159.8 dB.
.38 S&W 153.5 dB.
.38 Spl 156.3 dB.
.357 Magnum 164.3 dB.
.41 Magnum 163.2 dB.
.44 Spl 155.9 dB.
.45 ACP 157.0 dB.
.45 COLT 154.7 dB.

Properly fitted earplugs or muffs reduce noise 15 to 30 dB. The better earplugs and muffs are approximately equal in sound reductions, although earplugs are better for low frequency noise and earmuffs for high frequency noise.

Using muffs and plugs together: Take the higher of the two and add 5 dB. 30 plug with 20 muff gives an effective NRR of 35.

YouTube - Testing Bullet Proof Glass in 1952
Yeah honey, this next plate is bullet proof glass, too...wink, wink.

(:youtube 6-Fd4Eo8q8g:)

YouTube - How Not To Shoot A Gun
Just a reminder of why I am shooting pellets and not bullets.

(:youtube JJCUglNpFTU:)

Improvised Plinking Targets, lets hear what you use [Archive] - TheHighRoad.US
Cornered Cat - How to Cure a Flinch
As you pull the trigger, you may be able to feel the tension within the trigger mechanism increasing so that the pull feels heavier as the trigger gets further back. Do not allow this to slow down the rate at which the trigger is travelling to the rear. Instead, pull the trigger at the same speed during the entire process, increasing the pressure upon it steadily until the trigger breaks to the rear with a sharp click.

Never think about the trigger's break point, or about the shot firing. Let the hammer fall surprise you, every time.
Cornered Cat - How to Cure a Flinch
Grip the firearm firmly rather than loosely so that your non-trigger fingers cannot sympathetically tighten and "milk" the pistol while you are pulling the trigger.
Cornered Cat - How to Cure a Flinch
This is an important step: after the trigger has broken to the rear, do not take your finger off the trigger for at least two full seconds. Keep the sights steadily on the target and continue holding the trigger completely to the rear while you count one-one-thousand-two-one-thousand.
YouTube - Todd Jarrett shooting tips
The Lessons of Pistol Shooting
Some good instruction from a master.
California Hunter Education
Cornered Cat - Sight Alignment
YouTube - Shooting Techniques Part 2 [ Grip]
Some good ideas, but I'd listen more to Todd Jarrett on the grip. Jarrett's descriptions make more sense to me.
YouTube - Shooting Techniques Part 1 [ Stance]
Cornered Cat - Choose a shooting Stance
Goes over the major stance options when shooting in standing position. Very helpful in getting a comparison between the different stances.
YouTube - Chris Tilley 2006 USPSA Limited Nationals
This sport looks like loads of fun, but also potentially very dangerous for the spectators. These guys seem to be shooting at about any angle within a 180 degree arc. Seems ripe with risk.

(:youtube tYQhnQSYvzg:)

YouTube - Patriot Survival Series - Pistol Techniques
Compilation of mostly Todd Jarrett instructional vids.
YouTube - Pistol Shooting Stances : How to Take the Isosceles Pistol Shooting Stance
YouTube - Pistol Shooting Stances : How to Take the Weaver Pistol Shooting Stance
YouTube - The REAL Weaver Shooting Stance

(:youtube CFq5Qkedl3Q:)

YouTube - Army Pro Shooting Tips: How to Shoot on the Move
Todd Jarrett
YouTube - Blackhawk Shooting Tips with Todd Jarrett: Activating Targets
This looks like fun to do. Nice instruction, again, by Todd Jarrett on the technique behind shooting these various types of targets.

(:youtube iZjr7TmtIVU:)

YouTube - Todd Jarrett on pistol shooting.
One of the most informative videos of Todd Jarrett. Have to listen carefully to get it all; much of the information comes by very quickly, with few words, but this video contains a lot of the subtlety of hand position and trigger pull needed for good handgun shooting.

(:youtube ysa50-plo48:)

YouTube - Learning with Todd Jarrett
Good little instructional piece that emphasizes breathing and bending the knees while shooting a handgun.

(:youtube RuVPKYKB1LQ:)

Tactical Pistol Shooting
Your Guide to Tactics & Techniques that Work
by Erik Lawrence & Mike Pannone

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