Hooters Breastaurants - Got NO Milk! - I pulled into a motel late one night, and had a craving for a bowl of Cheerios. I had the cereal, but no milk. The front desk referred me to the Hooters Breastaurant next door -- the only eating establishment within walking distance. So I march in, trying not to ogle at the Hooters girls attending homesick businessmen. I finally get the attention of a Hooters waitress and make my request...

I'd like a glass of skim milk -- to go!

She looks at me like I just asked her for a bible...then says:

We don't have any of that here.

I thought: With all these mammary glands busting out of their tops, you'd think there be some milk somewhere. Nope....

Hooters Breastaurants "Got NO milk!"

At least no skim...

"breastaurant" definition from Double-Tongued Dictionary
breastaurant - n. a restaurant that features scantily clad or sexually appealing waitresses.
History of the Breast
by Marilyn Yalom

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