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How to Clean Your Computer System - wikiHow
If using CCleaner, head over to Piriform's website (they make the program) and look for the "Other builds" link hanging around the Downloads link. Get the "Slim" version as the regular download includes adware you have to say no to, and it's smaller. Or get the portable version and unzip it to a USB flash drive to take it on the go. (Further tip: If English is your native language, don't unpack the LANG folder - it's just languages other than English.)
How to Clean Your Computer System - wikiHow
Don't use free tools, very few are that effective with the exception of MalwareBytes scan. Download Malwarebytes, rename the downloaded file before running it to say z9.exe (some spyware will not let you launch a know anti-virus program). Once installed it's recommended you change the name of the mbam program to something else before launching (again spyware will prevent execution with regular name). Now perform a full scan with malwarebytes and take the recommended steps. A reboot will probably be necessary. After that process is complete remove all anti-virus/spyware programs installed and then purchase and download Trend Micro antivirus + anti-spyware program from their web site. There are other choices available but this software does not pop-up info messages all the time and won't hinder the PC performance like Norton does. Free AVG is horrible at protecting the PC and a real pain to remove.

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