How to Drown a Child - It happened at an afternoon wedding celebration. The hosting home had a pool, and very soon some younger guests began jumping in. My four-year-old son didn't know how to swim yet, but was drawn by the activity and the water. He begged me to let him go in, "Just to my knees, Papa."

I found a ledge where I could sit, dangling my legs in the water, and where my son could stand "to his knees" beside me. I sat with another guest, keeping an eye on my son, who splashed about on the ledge no more than two feet away from me.

After about 30-seconds of chit-chat, I looked beside me to check on my son. He wasn't there. He must have gotten out. So I looked around the yard. But with all the people and activity, I didn't see him. Damn! I told that kid to stay close and not wander off.

Then I looked down.

Under the water I saw my son's terrified face. He was desperately reaching up toward me, his eyes filled with shock and fear. I reached down, grabbed his arm and pulled him up. We stared at each other's faces in disbelief for a second, then held each other tight....An embrace that defied death.

Here's the truth: Had that chit-chat been more interesting, I'm sure my son would have drowned. Had I gotten up to look for my son in the yard, my son would have drowned. Had I not happened to look down, my son would have drowned....I can think of so many ways that my son would have drowned. And he would have died silently, with people all around.

How do you drown a child?

It's very easy. Just chit-chat with a friend while your child plays two feet away from you in a pool.

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