How to make Cafe Americano - Michael Eades demonstrates how to make a better tasting, less caffeinated cup of American coffee or Cafe Americano. The technique came during World War II from the Italians, who didn't have drip coffee makers, but who hosted many drip coffee loving American soldiers. In Italy, espresso is king, but espresso proved to strong for the drip coffee loving Americans, so they came up with an alternative. The alternative, which turned out even better than the original, was called Cafe Americano.

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Contrary to popular belief, espresso contains about half the caffeine of drip American coffee. That's because caffeine is water soluble and since espresso uses steam, the coffee beans have less direct contact with water, thus leaching out less caffeine. However, steam does an excellent job of dissolving the oils other good things that give coffee its flavor, which is why espresso tastes so good.

An interesting secret has to do with preserving the espresso's wonderful tasting crema, the reddish-brown foam that floats on top of freshly made espresso. To preserve the crema, always add the espresso to the a cup that already contains hot water. Do NOT pour hot water over the espresso; it disrupts and dilutes the crema.

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