How to Record a Video Interview in Eight Steps | Michael Hyatt
How do you create those videos, especially with the side-by-side presentation inside of Skype?

Rather than answer these queries individually, I thought I'd write a post on it. While you might not have access to book authors, but you might have access to others that would be of interest to your readers.

For me, video interviews are super easy to do. I can record the video, do the editing, and write the post in an hour or less (not including the time I spend reading the book and writing the questions). It is a very efficient use of my time.
Recording a video interview with Skype | Miracle Tutorials
Why recording video interviews on Skype do not work. From all the tests I did on Mac and PC, none of them synchronized video and audio properly, at least not at a decent size like 640480 or 480360. I didn't bother test smaller sizes because this is the 21th century, we are not going to watch tiny videos on big monitors, I leave that to mobile fanatics :-) The fault is not with the applications themselves but with the limitations of the internet connection and the performance of the average computer. So, the conclusion is that we are not there yet in regard to recording good quality video interviews with Skype.

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