Sam S. Adams of IBM - talk

Beyond Windows, Beyond the Browser: A Research perspective on the future of human computer interfaces

One of first distinguished engineer at IBM

XML, semantic processing

Change in social, participatory media, wiki and blog, easy to add content

now participatory development, mashup and widgets

no tracking of where information going, if pub atom feed published, theres no way to currently track where info come from or go to.

User assembled applications - holy grail

long tail

we can't create all solutions, need to push development to end users, who can develop simple applications, configurations of existing things

defining widgets, like google yahoo page?

like spreadsheet macros, pass along to others, others tweak macro, that's model in this new space in widget programming.

yahoo widgets, common to have somebody build one kind and others take it and slightly modify code. very similar to what happen on web, take others source of web page, find chunk and reuse it. reuse oriented dev effort.

how protect IP intellectual property

Global Contextual Collaboration Collaborative spaces that dynamically adapt to available devices dev that span devices

World Wide Widgets post windows, post browser user interface metaphor


google desktop

as resolution increased, metaphor broken down, litter of unreadable icons on desktop.

maximize display until recently, now with large res., if max half screen blank, so now have multiple apps open.

desktop widgets are popping up.

widget engine, rendering html and javascript, like browser window, stand alone apps, but conected to web, lots read only, but some two way. small transactional apps,

runs on remote server and display locally, common model, like x windows.

web artifacts, like web browser, archticture, heavy lifting happen on remote server (or locally)

Goal: world wide widgets

small enough to fit on cell phone screen, so can cross over between devices.

Assumption of alway on or connected? Same here? Not part of IU metaphor shift, but is a usage metaphor. many widgets assume persistent connection.

Perspectives from O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo

Hype epicenter of the Internet
Typical froth of startups and VCs

Widget/Gadget/DesktopWidget terminology confusion is widespread

Business models beyond advertising hard to come by
Widget-based ads and syndication of content….the next “banner ad” wave

VC quote: “We are witnessing the death of the portal and the birth of the Widgetsphere”
Focus is shifting from a “one stop” portal to distributing your companies services/content via widgets to 1000s of websites

Nokia announces rich mobile widget and app support
5 minutes from HTML on desktop to running mobile widget

Adobe announces “Apollo”, their Flash/Flex/HTML/PDF cross-platform web app/content tools and runtime
Open Source “WebKit” DHTML/Javascript rendering engine building momentum, adopted by Apple Safari/iPhone, Nokia Mobile Widgets and Adobe Apollo

IBM presentations show surprising coverage, maturity and poise
Rod Smith discusses enterprise mashup experiences and announces MashupHub technology
Carol Jones presents Connections and IBM’s broad experience with social computing
Audience questions and buzz: “Everyone else is talking about Web 2.0 for business, IBM is doing it”

No hint of anything like many E2.0 technologies
We are significantly ahead of the industry in several technology areas