Michelle Kwan

Michelle Kwan 2006 Olympics - How sad is this, on so many levels? One, for Emily Hughes, who could have been preparing for her Olympic appearance, but now gets pulled into the games as a last minute replacement for Kwan. And for Kwan, jeez! The girl won't be getting her gold, though, to be honest, her chances were slim. She's had such an impact on skating, but it surely hurts in her marrow that she doesn't have an Olympic Gold medal.

Jim Lampley, the NBC Sports anchor, put it this way:

If her contributions to the sport, her ability to face disappointment with perspective and grace counts for anything, then Michelle Kwan is, and always will be, a champion.

Still, she has her legacy of skating to remember. We shall miss her competitive spirit. I just wish they could have given Hughes a better chance...though, who knows? She may pull out her best under these awkward circumstances. Good luck, Emily!

Emily Hughes seems to be taking this well. She's excited. Her sister Sarah is supporting her effort as guest on news shows. Just saw her on Tucker's CNBC Olympic overview show. Kinda cute, but probably get old fast.

Sounds like Disney made some kind of offer to Kwan after her withdrawl from the Olympics. Something about being a "celebrity representative." No financial details, though everyone is curious.

And did you know Curling deputed as an Olympic event in 1998?

Golden Dragon necklace Kwan wears is being replicated and sold. Hers was a gift from her Grandmother.

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