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28 January 2007

I like the name Graeme, variant of Graham.

26 January 2007

The new PC desktop...I really think this is a good idea, at least for my organization habits:

(:youtube SWe-TIy2Lbs:)

Bumptop Prototype

23 January 2007

20 January 2007

A dear friend has written a book on poetry, Madonna Magdalene by Kim Garcia. We just ordered it and eagerly await it's arrival. This woman is one has such a brilliant, sensitive mind.

How to Train a Killer Whale

17 January 2007

U.S. Experiment in Private Healthcare and Cheap, Safe Drug Kills Most Cancers

Colbert nails it on the head about the "progress" of U.S. anti-trust laws with this video clip describing AT&T:

(:youtube Bj1Mtv9cD0I:)

And here are some FunnyBillboards

14 January 2007

Memory, imagination, and desire. Projections of desires. Waking state. I made it all up.

Why too much water dangerous.

Suzie Orman Will and Trust Kit

Totally cute video of an ad titled: Soccer Kid.

(:youtube bggFBWn7YoI:)

A Peaceful Marriage is Not Always 50/50 and here are some Photoshopped Celebrity Faces.

Star Wars ! What really happened after the Deathstar blew up....

(:youtube rfP90uJ12eQ:)

Here are some Funny Newspaper Headlines

12 January 2007

Drug-eluting Stents

CreditCardScamTargetsMen what happens when our diet goes ape.


11 January 2007

Russell Crowe's Eulogy for Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

10 January 2007

Ben Stein worked for President Gerald Ford as a speech writer and lawyer, and he wrote a beautiful piece that I have to share: Ben Stein Remembers President Gerald Ford.

Google cached a piece my host accidentally deleted during a server transfer: How to Get 59 MPG Out of a Honda Accord

This video from World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is funny, looks so real...and the Mister Roger's Neighborhood music playing in the background is a great touch.

(:youtube tnjlKtEKYWc:)

World Wildlife Foundation Video Ad

Blood Test May Predict Heart Failure

Underwear Goes Inside the Pants

9 January 2007

My wife has a blog, now: EarOfMyHeart.com. It's totally awesome! She's such a wonderful, honest writer. Unlike my blog, hers tells a story, shares thoughts and fears...perhaps shares too much...But that's my wife--open to a fault...open to all the possibilities...confident, determined...and touched by a sacred grace.

8 January 2007

Bush, Iraq and the Emperor's New Clothes and the Cactus Pacifier

When it comes to the public perception of Bush's Iraq policy, I think much of the U.S. population has been guilty of playing the crowd in the Emperor's New Clothes. Bush said Iraq was an imminent threat, building a nuclear bomb, connected to Al Qaeda and the 911 attacks. And many agreed with Bush's declaration, said, "Yes, the emperor has new clothes." But since the election, we realized that friends and neighbors were no longer saw what Bush saw, they no longer believed Bush's statements about the war and Iraq; public opinion shifted...we finally woke up. I only wish that Iraq was a fairy tale, that there could be a happy ending to the fable.

7 January 2007

52 Stress Reducers

Just noticed that compass is a part of the word compassion.

Somehow that's meaningful. Imagine how a new compass heading changes your direction. We think that people don't change their lives, but I think they can and do all the time. The need a new direction or compass. An overpowering triumph or tragedy may set them off on a new course. Surviving cancer, the death of close friend. These events can totally alter the direction of a person's life...but that sounds too passive. It's not. The person chooses a new direction through the meaning he/she ascribes to the event. The same event can lead one person down the tubes and another to great heights. It's how we ascribe meaning. It's the meaning we decide upon. And that meaning, if it's of a life-defining scale, can guide us in drastically new dirctions...

Like a compass.


Firefox Shortcuts

My wife is cleaning the house before a prospective house cleaner arrives.

6 January 2007


Gotta find a post to use it with.

And here's one from Gregory John Smith, a magnificent photographer with a vital mission.

34 Fun Facts for the New Year

1 January 2007

Live in Frodo's home.

How to SolveDrupalLoginProblem

Why People Think Computers Can't Think

CSS Cheats and Tips Links

I'm thinking about a post that argues that racism and prejudice are natural artifacts of our brains. Our brains are pattern making and pattern recognizing computers, and a lot of the time we can't tell the difference between a pattern we create and one that really exists. The problem arises because of our need or drive to make associations or what we choose to connect in forming those associations or patterns we perceive. Mostly, we go for the obvious, say skin color, in our associations. We select the obvious or overt and not necessarily the subtle but true. In that path lies prejudice and racism....

...but I'm incoherent here. I need to ponder this a lot more. I need the freedom to write crap and the hone sift through to find the gems. This may not be the place.

Friendship - The Laws of Attraction

I think I'll make a separate group for Bookmarks. That way I can search only bookmarks if needed and keep the data separate to a degree....Only issue will be existing links may go bad...Doubt there are many, and can use refcount to locate them. May end up doing the same for quotes.