Unusually Placid Doug Hall

Jump Start Business - Doug Hall - Entertaining and provides a great, easy-to-remember model for evaluating a business idea, product, or service. At Hall's consulting firm at Eureka! Ranch, he offers workshops that focus on answering the following three questions: What is your product's...

  1. Overt Benefit
  2. Real Reason to Believe
  3. Dramatic Difference

BTW, Hall was a judge in the first season of American Inventor.

Overt Benefit

What is the overt benefit (ONE!) of your product or service. NOT coolest feature. People don't buy features; they buy what benefits them. If you can't get over the focus on features, think of how the features benefit the customer. Is it overt - meaning, is it distinquishable from the benefits provided by the competition?

Reason to Believe

Why should prospects believe your product will provide the overt benefit? Testimonials. 3rd party evaluations. Opinion of thought leaders in the area. Anything that adds credibility to your benefit claims are addressed here. Credibility.

Dramatic Difference

How can you dramatically demonstrate the overt benefit and reason to believe. What is your product's dramatic difference?

Bottom line: I really enjoyed Jump Start your Business Brain by Doug Hall. Gave me a lot to think about, and an insightful model for analysis.

Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall

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