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27 June 2006

It's so stupid, but I love this coke commercial with the obligatory young adults skating to some music chorus "I'm seeing stars, I'm seeing stars." Finally found out where the song came from. It's a Crazytown rap creation called Starry Eyed Surprise.

THIS look fascinating: http://www.librarything.com/

I started an account: Wanderings.net. What better place for me? Recommending books. Wow!

Reality: I can only add 200 books...and I think they may get deleted after a year...not sure. Strange. Now I'm not so excited. Cool idea, though.

26 June 2006

Took a beautiful trip to Fresno Dome this weekend. Saw lots of family. Wandered the creek, helped Paul do some fishing. Packed a lot in two days, which include some nine or ten hours of driving--yuck! Here are some Flickr pictures.

This I Believe by Brian Grazer, Disrupting My Comfort Zone. He believes in pursuing the discomfort zone. Funny. I do the opposite.

21 June 2006

PmWiki Slide Show Recipe

18 June 2006

Wonderful Father's day today. Paulie made me a coupon book of chores or tasks he will do for me. Very cute. And he actually gave me a nice card and not the usual potty-mouth poem-ha!

Watched PrideAndPrejudice, the 2005 version with Keira Knightley. What a film. The best adaptation I've seen of a Jane Austen novel. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

17 June 2006

11 June 2006

Wonderful anniversary trip to Monterey this weekend. Stayed in our favorite spot right near Cannery Row, Holiday Inn Express. Ate at Bubba Gumps and topped of our tummies with a camel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum! Visited a wonderful beach spot near Pacific Grove. Bright overcast day made for nice even lighting for pictures, which I've put on Flickr. Then drove up highway 1, passing Moss Landing and stopping in Capitola, where we had lunch, saw Kincade (sp?), and browsed some nice crafy shops. Headed home and joined in Neal's birthday party at the pool. Got lots of great shots of the kids.

7 June 2006

Spielberg's Munich

Attach:ayelet_zorer.jpg Δ|Ayelet Zorer Recently watched Steven Spielberg's Munich with Eric Bana. It's a long film, about 2 hrs. 45 min. Eric Bana was great, as were all the other actors, but I was particularly mesmerized by the woman who played Bana's wife, though she was in only a few scenes.

Turns out she's a very well respected Israeli actress. I get it. She was perfect, communicating the whole/soul of her character in seconds. Her name...well, she seems to go by a few. The movie credits her as Ayelet Zorer, but I've seen Zurer and variations of Ayelet too. Her middle name seems stable and is "July." Maybe it was because she was one of the few women who appeared in the film, but I found her performance right on, rich and textured. All in probably less than five or ten minutes of screen time.

As for the film as a whole, it had a lot to say about revenge, whether sponsored by governments or personal...But even government sponsored revenge becomes personal to those executing the mission. And when the hunter become hunted, the unsteady moral ground of the righteous assassin reaches new depths of meaning. "Am I a target?" Yes...the moment you decide to seek revenge.

Terrific film? It's very well done, gristle and all. The assassination scenes varied and reminded me a bit of Saving Private Ryan, in that murder comes in all forms, from the overtly violent to the objectively ridiculous. The assassins presented in this film were not seasoned. They literally stumbled along with natural anxiety, confusion, and awkwardness about how to carry out their killings. As a team, they weren't a well oiled machine, and as sloppy as they were, you expected them to get caught in each scene. This maintained the tension.

Director Steven Spielberg (or does credit go to screenwriter Tony Kushner, who wrote Angels in America) explores these personal themes of murder, terror, revenge, and righteousness.

When the only blood you care about is your own (or that of your people), it brings out the best and worst in a you.

6 June 2006

Predicting the Stars

Attach:Sasha_Pieterse.jpg Δ|Sasha PieterseMark my words, Sasha Pieterse is gonna be a star.

Saw her in a second season episode of Fox's medical drama series House. In the episode, simply called Autopsy, the (then) nine year-old actress played a nine year-old terminal cancer patient, and gave a performance well beyond her years. Second time I've seen it, and again was choked up by her portrayal. Powerful stuff.

South African born Sasha Pieterse's talent totally reminds me of the Sixth Sense phenom, Haley Joel Osment. I wonder if she'll be picked up for any heavy roles as Osment was. Doubt there's much to pick from, but if I were a screenwriter, watching her performance would have inspired me to write something just for her. What a talent.

Sasha Pieterse will be a star.

2 June 2006

Pictures using lenses made of ice - Reminds me of the MythBusters piece about starting a fire using lenses made out of ice. I think Kari Byron mastered that method.

Great Risque Quote

The skirt is like the perfect essay, long enough to cover the main subject, but short enough to be interesting.

Summary of travel sites from CNN piece

  • hotwire - Good last minute discount,
  • kayak.com - Search multiple sites at once
  • sidestep.com - Search multiple sites at once
  • expedia and orbitz - Excellent packages, which enables them to hide who is giving the discount, air/hotel/tickets