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17 June 2007

The more I work in a megacorporation, the more obvious the disconnect between executive management and where the real work gets done. In fact, a growing part of our job is to plan how to accommodate for the seemingly whimsical changes demanded by execs. It's ridiculous. The amount of effort we expend for that accommodation is significant. What a waste.

10 Water Park Survival Tips - Raging Waters

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15 June 2007

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Have you ever seen an old man's butt? Of course not; Old men don't have one.

Did they say when our vision would come back?

Box said two days.

Totally worth it.

Malcom in the Middle

10 June 2007

Attended the first mass of the newly ordained Catholic Priest, Father Paul Zirimenya. The joy of that mass was so clear and palpable, both in Fr. Paul and in the hearts of the attendees. I simply couldn't stop myself from smiling. Most moving was his expression of gratitude for all that supported and loved him along his journey to this day. What a special time for this precious young man. Fr. Paul's mother and sister (and others, I think) traveled from his homeland in Uganda to attend his ordination yesterday and his first mass today. I'll be putting pictures up on flickr as soon as my wife finishes an editing project. As usual, I shot 100s of photos. Met a lot of wonderful people at the event. Great time.

Shocking idea: Nerves Communicate by Sound - NOT Electricity

5 June 2007

Make-up vision. You see people through their make-up....Might less disturbing to see people with optimum make-up. Or see whatever you "make up."

1 June 2007

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Morphing Women in Art



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