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Keisha Castle-Hughes got an early start in her professional life. At 12, she was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award (Oscar) for her wonderful portrayal of Paikea in Whale Rider. Four years later, she's in the holiday feature film The Nativity Story playing the Virgin Mary. In a strange parallel with the film, the 16 year-old Keisha has admitted to being pregnant with her first child.

Not an immaculate conception, the father is long-time boyfriend Bradley Hull. The couple are not currently married. Indeed, Keisha's own parents never married, so perhaps we should expect the same with Keisha and Bradley. Whatever the case, both are said to be "happy and excited" about the coming child -- though Vatican officials certainly are not. They reportedly uninvited Keisha from the The Nativity Story's world premiere being held at the Vatican.

I dearly hope Keisha remains proud and true to herself amidst this political storm. I also hope she and Bradley finds great joy in the birth of their child. As with The Nativity Story...'s the child that matters, not the political posturing of the Catholic Church.

Further, the Vatican missed a golden opportunity in recognizing that Keisha has chosen to keep the child. How many 16 year-olds would have made a different choice?

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Keisha Castle-Hughes as Virgin Mary

Born 24 March 1990, Keisha is expecting her first child in 2007 with her boyfriend of 3 years, 19-year-old Bradley Hull.

Keisha declared that one of her biggest challenges in making Whale Rider (2002) was going barefoot all the time.

During an interview with Jay Leno, she confessed she didn't know how to swim when she was cast in Whale Rider (2002).

Stays in contact with her 'Whale Rider' (2002) co-star Cliff Curtis.

[on roles she's been offered since Whale Rider] "They're all really sexual roles or they all think that I'm still 11. They send me scripts and I say that I'm too young or not old enough and they're like, 'Well just come in and see us.' And so I go in and they're like, 'Oh, you've got tall and you've got hips and you've got boobs.' And I'm like, 'Yeah. That's what happens.'

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andrea — 09 January 2007,

I think this article makes the catholic church look bad . Of course it is great that she is keeping the child but seriously, we are talking about a 16 year old girl who had sex before getting married and that's a mortal sin. You can criticize the church's point of view but admit that what the girl did was wrong too.

Brent — 09 January 2007, 16:07

Thanks for your comments! You're right, the article doesn't flatter the Catholic Church, but I guess my point is this:

The greater wrong in most eyes would be for Keisha to silently have an abortion, and never publicly acknowledge the pregnancy.

She took a courageous step in deciding to have the child. It's that choice that I believe the Catholic Church should acknowledged. That is where they missed an opportunity to connect with their flock, most of whom can relate to Keisha's dilemma and appreciate her choice.

The merits of that choice outweigh the fact that she had sex before being married.

Diane Jimenez — 26 August 2007, 00:26

She is courageous in keeping the baby. With her career just beginning she could have decided not to have the baby.

We are all sinners and have been forgiven by God for our sins. This the same for Keisha. If she repents and seeks the forgiveness of God she can also be forgiven and turn from that sin. By either getting married of moving on wiht her life with her child by her side.

We have all sinned and some have repented of our sin. God has forgiven us and now we live in his forgiveness.

Diane Jimenez — 26 August 2007, 14:45

I have another thought, Keisha was not raised by Christian parents for what I have read about her. So it is wrong to judge her. She played an important role in the Nativity Story which is based on Jewish and Christian beliefs. I don't know what her faith is. However it was the role she played and just that she is an actress not the real Mary of Nazareth. That is how we should look at her (an actress). I am a late bloomer concerning the film I just bought it last week and have watched it everyday for a week more than once a day. I loved the film and congratulate her for the part in the movie.

Then I began doing research about Keisha and now am entering my thoughts.

She is happy with her new baby daughter and who wouldn’t be with a new baby girl I personally congratulate her and Bradley on the birth of the Baby and I celebrate with them!! By the way I love the name chosen for her and have a friend who named their new boy Alfredo-Amore. CONGRATULATIONS!!

We all have different beliefs. I am a Christian and she should not be judged by our standards if they are not hers. But rejoice in the fact that she was a real hit in my opinion.

daniela — 29 December 2007, 14:32

Wow! She is the best actress.

Brent — 29 December 2007, 16:35

She really did a wonderful job in Whalerider. The nativity story was fine, but not really a showcase for her for some reason.

Brent — 29 December 2007, 16:39

Thanks Diane! Good thoughts. I wonder, does it really make a difference that she's not Christian? Why would Christians judge her if she were Christian but not judge her if she's not? What does our judgment really mean? Does it matter?

Cyndi — 29 February 2008, 21:25

You know I dont usually join in on these type of things but I feel that I had to say something here. All of you "Christian" hippocrits should just shut your big mouthes and keep your stupid narrow minded opinions to yourselves. You have no right to judge her or anyone else. I think she is too young to have a child because she will miss out on a lot, but her life is not mine to judge nor make decisions about. I think she is very brave to embark on such a challenging path and I hope that fortune continues to bless her.

Brent — 01 March 2008, 06:27

Thanks for your impassioned reply, Cyndi. Only thing I disagree with is the call for "'Christian' hypocrites [to] shut your big mouths and keep your stupid narrow opinions to yourselves."

I welcome their thoughts, because it allows us to have a dialog. I'm curious about their beliefs and, more important, about where those beliefs came from. By sharing those beliefs (instead of keeping them inside) we can all learn something.

So for me, I welcome more of their thoughts and opinions. But I do agree that, in the end, we must accept what Keisha has decided and look for all the good that will come of it. That doesn't mean we can't discuss our opinions (even judgments) about the situation.

Lorraine — 08 March 2008, 23:34

Well I think this bradly guy should have been more considerate when it comes to keishas career. Its sad how hes basically trashed it. Selfish boyfriend. She was on her way to bigger things...In the end I hope her and her child all the best.

Brent — 09 March 2008, 11:35

Well, I hope the decision to keep the pregnancy was a mutual one. And having child so young will have its unique challenges, but it does not necessarily mean Keisha's career is over, unless she chooses it to be. The impact of the child will be what they make of it.

mandie — 27 March 2008, 17:03

i think that keisha is a very good actor and i am so proud of her being so young and having a baby. its a lot to handle. so is strong so i believe she will be a awesome mom. i loved her in the navity story and whalerider. i have both. i watch them alot. i just wanted to saw congrats and to keep up the great work keisha i love you and you and brad have a beautiful baby girl!!!!!!

sarah — 27 March 2008, 17:07

keisha your an awesome actor. you have a beautiful baby girl. and i wish you and brad the best of luck in raising your daughter. i also loved you in the navity story. i hope that i can meet you one day. stay safe and true to who you are and don't worry about what people may say about you being a mom at a young age.

skye — 27 March 2008, 17:13

keisha i have a daughter myself and i am 17 so i know what it is like! i know you will be a kick ass mom. just keep up with the great job. you have a beautiful baby. i hope you and brad stay together for awhile. i loved you in the navity story i watch it alot and i just think that you looked beautiful pregant:D again congrats and keep up with the momhood it will get better i promise! just keep your head up!!! and pray when your down. love ya