Killer Bean Forever - Jeff Lew has spent most of his waking hours over the last four years making his new, full-length feature 3-D animated film, Killer Bean Forever. With the movie almost done (after Lew spent his entire life savings and maxed out his credit cards), he's published this preview/trailer for Killer Bean Forever. This actually looks very good. Here's to following your dream!

NOTE: Jeff Lew was lead animator on Matrix: Reloaded, so this guy knows his...3-D animation. Below is the trailer/preview for directorial debut on a full-length animated film: Killer Bean Forever.

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And here's a glimpse at his earlier work (completed in 2000). Compared to Killer Bean Forever, Lew admits it looks quite dated. Still, it garnered over a million hits over six months when he published it to iFilms in 2000.

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Learning 3D Character Animation with Jeff Lew
Jeff Lew's website. It appears he has created a 3-D animation course.
Creating 3-D Animation: The Aardman Book of Filmmaking - by Peter Lord & Brian Sibley

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