Photo by Robert Zuckerman

Start Before You Are Ready
~ Robert Zuckerman

Kindsight®: Images and Words From the Flow - Serendipity. I woke up early on a Saturday morning and flipped the TV on to a Barry Kibrick interview with photographer Robert Zuckerman. Zuckerman has compiled a collection of photographs and quotes for a book called Kindsight®: Images and Words From the Flow. In his day job, Zuckerman is a well respected still photographer for the movie industry. He does portraits, movie poster images, and set photographs. This book contained none of those images. Instead, Kindsight® showcases photos of everyday people Zuckerman discovered during his not-so-everyday life, informal portraits of real people during moment of kindness.

I've never seen Barry Kibrick interview anyone before, but he exuded genuine excitement and passion for Zuckerman and his work. Clearly, Kibrick had combed through the book's image and words because he pulled out key images and text that not only illustrated the book's theme, but also penetrated the surface to the emotion behind the artist, his motivation, his perception, his spirit.

My favorite quote from the interview: Start before you are ready. That was the advice Zuckerman received early in his career, and he took it to heart.

Kindsight®: Images and Words From the Flow

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