Mad About You is one of my favorite TV series. Here are the lyrics to that catching theme song, which I think is titled The Final Frontier.

The Final Frontier

Tell me why
I love you like I do,
Tell me who
can stop my heart
as much as you,
Tell me all your secrets, and I'll
tell you most of mine,

They say nobody's perfect,
well, thats really true this time
I don't have the answers,
I don't have a plan
All I have is you,
So darling, help me understand

(What we do) - you can whisper in my ear
(Where we go) - who knows what happens after here
Let's take each other's hand as we jump
in to the Final Frontier
I'm mad about you baby,
Mad About You...

Mad About You theme song
What's Your Mad About You IQ?
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by Stephen Spignesi

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