Madonna Magdalene

Madonna Magdelene Poetry - Kim Garcia, a dear college friend, has recently published a book of poetry titled Madonna Magdalene. I just ordered my copy and will report later on my impressions. In the meantime, my anticipation is teased by these reader comments...

Comments about Madonna Magdalene

"Kim Garcia has a gift for re-creating--rethinking--primary stories. She moves fluently between her own experiences and her interrogation of religious myths. Her inquisitive lyric mode and powerful religious passion have flowered into a startling book of origins, a mature and passionate first book of poems."--Edward Hirsch

"Kim Garcia has given us a book brimming with wonder, wisdom and searing observation. She has an unerring ear and does not flinch from the big questions. In Kim Garcia's poetry, the ancient stories are alive, tangible and breathtakingly lush."--Rachel Kadish, author of From a Sealed Room

"Kim Garcia seduces through the lack of seductiveness. The utmost seriousness of her poetry has a taste of truth--a taste we've almost forgotten under the constant shower of irony."--Adam Zagajewski

Congratulations, Kim!

Madonna Magdalene by Kim Garcia

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