Magic Bullet Blender Review - After seeing the infomercial and doing a little investigation, I bought a Magic Bullet Blender through Amazon (cheaper shipping rates w/ Amazon). Reviews I read by others have been mixed (pardon the pun), though generally positive.

I use the Magic Bullet Blender almost every day for smoothies. It's become a morning ritual, made very easy with the Magic Bullet Blender. Here are the pros and cons I've found so far.

Magic Bullet Blender Pros

  1. Perfect size - for single servings.
  2. Easy cleanup - the blender container doubles as the drinking mug, so the only extra to wash is the blade/blender attachment. Very easy.
  3. Good mixing power - I use frozen berries and ice in smoothies and it's worked very well.
  4. Compact storage - the small footprint for the blender motor housing means I can leave it on my counter easily.

Magic Bullet Blender Cons

  1. Need to shake for good blending. Not a hassle since the container is so small and airtight, but not quite as advertised.
  2. Blending times are a little longer than advertised, but not excessive.

Overall, I really like my Magic Bullet Blender. For what I need, it's perfect.

Update - After 6 Months

After 6 months of use, I still love the Magic Bullet Blender. I probably use it about three times a week now, and it's running very well, has held up to my not-so-careful use. I remain very happy with the appliance/blender after 6 months.

Magic Bullet 17-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixing System

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