Building a matchstick airplane is one thing. Building a matchstick airplane powered by flies is another.

Totally hilarious. I wish I had the patience to actually attempt these instructions; however, they are worth a look, if only for their entertainment value. Funny stuff.

Here are some highlights...

How to Store Flies

  • "Put [flies] in a jar and put the jar in the freezer. In a few seconds the flies will be chilled out completely. This is called cryogenics."
  • "[cryogenics] has its drawbacks. For example, the flies will be dead flies if you freeze them too long. Dead flies are no good...."
  • "Refrigerate your flies. It takes longer to make them comatose, but they have a higher recovery rate than the ones you leave in the freezer next to the burritos."

Attaching Flies to Matchstick Airplane

  • "Take the flies out of the freezer [or fridge]. Attach the abdomen of one frigid fly to each drop of glue. Make sure all the flies are facing the same direction.
  • "Breathe life into the flies. A miracle: A gentle puff of your warm breath will resuscitate the flies."
  • "Launch the aircraft. It should fly like a charm, and, far from being cruel to the flies, you'll be teaching them a new and valuable thing."

Books for Further Reading

Kids' Paper Airplane Book by Ken Blackburn
The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes (Klutz) by Doug Stillinger

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