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"So you want to write a completely new metaphysics? Why don't you use FreeMind? You have a tool at hand that remarkably resembles the tray slips of Robert Pirsig, described in his sequel to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance called Lila."

I'm becoming enthralled with mind maps. Where an outline is linear, a mind map is two (if not three) dimensions. That extra dimension adds enormous perspective to the ideas in view. Entries (called nodes) can be easily rearranged to test relationships between nodes. There's just something profound in that extra level of perspective. Something profoundly missing from a linear outline. Here's an example.
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Main Page - FreeMind - free mind mapping software
Fascinating concept. I tried this a few years ago and didn't get it...Now I do. Incredible tool for following threads of thought into new directions. Something about the way it forces you to ask the question "What is this related to?" and the freedom to move nodes around, change relationships, create new relationships...it's not perfect, but certainly a wonderful tool. Just need to figure a way to embed it into my website. No success yet.

Idea Mapping: How to Access Your Hidden Brain Power, Learn Faster, Remember More, and Achieve Success in Business
by Jamie Nast

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