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Cell Biology at Berkeley.
Watson Crick Nature
The famous DNA double helix paper by Watson and Crick. One page, and it changed the course of biology.
Fold It: The Protein Folding Game « Michael Graham Richard

:Multimedia Production Site:
Biovisions at Harvard. Absolutely profound and educational animation of a handful of cellular processes by John Liebler (and team?). Amazing stuff. "Bio visions" is right.
YouTube - The Inner Life of the Cell - Full Version
Youtube version. Not as high quality. Go to the Harvard Multimedia site for best quality video of John Liebler's work. Fascinating.

(:youtube rDTt1AysseA:)

YouTube - Molecular Visualizations of DNA

(:youtube 4PKjF7OumYo:)

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Molecular Biology of the Cell
by Bruce Alberts et al.

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