Running With Scissors - Quirky, weird, bizzaro...and true. It's like a cross between Royal Tenenbaums and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Based on Augusten Burroughs Running with Scissors: A Memoir, the film portrays the eccentric (often disturbing) teen years of Burroughs. Annette Bening, who plays Burroughs' biological mother, gives an authentic, daring performance, as does Brian Cox and the rest of the cast. Odd film, but worth watching.
The Fifth Element - Luc Bresson directs this quirky sci-fi flick with Bruce Willis and the totally adorable Milla Jovovich as Leeloo. Gary Oldman plays the evil nemesis. And Chris Tucker adds to the comedic weirdness of the film as the effeminate, flamboyant DJ Ruby Rhod. Strange, strange, strange...but it all works. Enjoyed it a lot.
Brothers Grimm - Terry Gilliam film NOT based on the true Brothers Grimm, but a mashup of their story elements. Visually very interesting and I liked Heath Ledger's performance. Kept my interest, but not a favorite film. Gilliam is quite creative, and I respect his vision. It just didn't draw me in very deeply. Worth seeing for the visual elements.

Casino Royale (2006) - Bond is back! Absolutely loved Daniel Craig's portrayal of 007 James Bond. Gritty, tough, buff. This action film has some tremendous foot chases--yes, foot chases. Great story, great direction. Total winner. Highly recommended.
Miss Potter Renee Zellweger as Beatrix Potter - Charming film with Renée Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Zellweger was right on as Beatrix Potter, and McGregor offered a very convincing portrayal as Potter's publisher and friend. Quite touching. Recommended.
Secret of the Cave - Charming movie based on popular book. Production by Southern Adventist University, so this was a collaboration between some key film professionals, the university's film school professors, and film school students. Very nice job. Professional.
Chocolat - Superb! Wonderful fairy tale feel to this touching film directed by Lasse Hallström (Cider House Rules). Juliette Binoche was perfection. As were Alfred Molina, Judi Dench, Lena Olin and Johnny Depp. Absolutely loved this one. BTW, my sis liked the film better than the book.
The Weatherman - Can't say I really liked this much. Funny, in a very awkward, dark way. Good acting. But how the story was told didn't work for me. After viewing the DVD extras, I understand more of director Gore Verbinski's intentions and what I misunderstood in viewing the film, but I shouldn't need that. The film should have stood on its own. However, Michael Caine's scenes with Cage were fantastic. That made this film worth seeing.
Deja Vu - Tony Scott directs this thriller, love story, time-travel, sci-fi movie. Quite good. Worth seeing.
Breach - Stellar performance by Chris Cooper. Totally mesmerizing. Ryan Phillippe is also great, as is Laura Linney. Cooper provides an excellent character study of the notorious spy, FBI special agent Robert Hanssen.
Keeping Mum - Excellent story, acting, etc. Thoroughly enjoyed this dark comedy with Maggie Smith, Rowan Atkinson, Kristin Scott Thomas. Can't say I liked the Patrick Swayze character, Lance...but then, you're not suppose to. What a creep!
Wild Hogs - Sorta funny movie, though it never really hooked me in as I'd hoped. Fun cast. Good chemistry. Certainly a lot of fun to make. Just nothing much to the story. I wasn't bored with it, but I didn't get too involved either. John Travolta gave the weakest, least believable performance, which surprised me. William H. Macy stole the show. Macy was totally hilarious.
Frank Herbert's Dune - Sci-Fi TV Miniseries - Saw the Sci-Fi channels long version. Not suspensefully edited. A little more backstory, but the characters aren't as vivid is the Lynch version. Some strong elements, visually very interesting. I'm glad I saw it, but I don't think it was that great a production.
A.I. - Spielberg Directs for Kubrick
Steven Spielberg film (co-produced by Stanley Kubrick, the last before his death). An unusually emotional sci-fi movie.
The Last Mimzy
Excellent film. The kids gave wonderful performances. Terrific use of special effects. Appealing story. Well worth watching.
Peaceful Warrior
Good effort. I enjoyed the book more, though I read it some 20 (?) years ago. The film captured the major themes of the book, without getting too woo-woo. Still, I would have enjoyed more character development.
Fantastic. One of my favorite animated films. Amazing animation, a wonderful, engaging story, and terrific voice performances make this one a treat for young and old alike...Cliche but true :)
Bridge to Terabithia
Outstanding. Wonderfully directed; moving, real story; terrific casting and acting for the child roles. Highly recommended for adults and 5th grade and above children.
Snow Falling On Cedars - Cinematography Masterpiece
LOVED this film. Gorgeous cinematography. That alone recommends it.
Surfs Up
Had low expectations for this one, but it really was a terrific movie. Amazing ocean water animation. The reality/documentary viewpoint worked well. Good writing and voice performances. Thumbs up!
I actually liked this movie. Director Rob Bowman does a nice job with visuals communicating how time distorts in the Frank Miller comic book world. Very nice cinematography by Bill Roe and editing by Kevin Stitt. Last but not least, Jennifer Garner gave a good performance and looked great--both in and out of the Elektra costume (though I hated the black eye shadow).
Terrible movie. Interesting to see James Spader buffed up. Has a great cast, but little else to recommend it. Thumbs way down.
Children of Men
Excellent, thought provoking movie. Seemed filmed almost entirely with hand-held shots and long (single cut) takes. The approach gives a very voyeuristic feel and lets the actors act and the scene develop. Again, I felt like a voyeur walking through the scenes as they happened around me. Clive Owen was terrific in the role of a disillusioned, cynical former activist.
Woody Allen flick...absolutely awful. Boring, tedious...awkward...Yes, awkward is the right description. Scarlett Johansson is beautiful, but the scenes all seemed like rehearsals. Nothing real or terribly funny here. Waste of time. Best part of the movie was Scarett's scene in a swimsuit...Oh, and Hugh Jackman's performance was quite convincing as a charming Englishman.
Marty does it again. Decaprio was great. First movie I've seen with him that I really loved (besides Gilbert Grape).
Hated this movie. It's excellent--acting by ALL is outstanding--but the story just wore me down. Depressing. Won't watch it again. Gritty is putting it lightly. Documentary style, very real, not a lot of dialogue, which again emphasizes that the acting in this film was beyond reproach. Stellar. But again the story was a huge downer.

Wonderful! Loved this movie. Not what I expected. Very odd characters. Excellent acting.
A Prairie Home Companion
Robert Altman last film. Enjoyable, interesting. I loved the setup and opening. Music went on too long, though I understand why, as it's so much a part of the radio show. Loved Meryle and Lilly's relationship and banter. Looked like fun to shoot and act in.
House of D
Excellent, enjoyable. Directed by David Duchovny of X-Files fame. Touching story. Highly recommended.
Memoirs of a Geisha
Suberb. Directed by Rob Marshall. Superb cast, including Ken Watanabe, Ziyi Zhang, Kaori Momoi, Tsai Chin and a number of others. Evocative. Beautiful imagery and poetry. Wonderful film
Pride and Prejudice - 2005 Version Review
Outstanding. Totally unexpected delight, especially since I loved the wonderful BBC mini-series (the one with Jennifer Ehle as Lizzy).

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