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Kari Byron - I was shocked at the traffic generated with my blog post MythBusters Lost Experiments. After a little investigation, I was able to determine most visitors arrived at the post via a Google search of "Kari Byron". Since then, I've learned there is a die-hard following of this perky and very smart red-head. So I assembled this list of links related to Kari Byron. Of course, I have no interest in this wonderful lass born in 1974. I do this as a service to my fellow MythBusters fans...

  • Skeptic: Junior Skeptic: A Conversation with Kari Byron - "Kari shared the inside scoop on the MythBusters experiments testing pyramid power. She also spoke about her background, and her experiences as part of the cast."
  • Kari Byron's Website - Kari's website focuses on her artwork. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University with a BA in Film and Sculpture, so her sculptures dominate the site. Some other personal info there, too.
  • Kari Byron Discovery Channel Page - Short and sweet, with a crummy picture of her.
  • Nuclear Beef's Love Kari Byron - I get the feeling that this Nuclear Beef guy is quite fond of Kari. This is only one of his pages featuring her. Just do a "Kari Byron" search on his site for more. Expect to see LOTS of pictures, mostly screen shots from the MythBusters show.
  • Flickr Pictures of Kari Byron - Speaking of Nuclear Beef's pictures, here are picture tagged "Kari Byron" on Flickr.
  • Kari Byron Art Exhibit at Anno Domini - Pictures from her show at Anno Domini in San Jose, California. "Some of the most beautiful bird calls are cries of distress and fear....these sculptures are a way for me to express my cry." ~ Kari Byron

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