Had Nassim Taleb been born in any other period, he would have certainly been put to death.
~ Carine Chichereau, co-translator of TBS.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is one fascinating guy. His two books Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable have been sooooo thought provoking AND entertaining.

I read both in the span of a couple weeks (way too fast) and am now reading each again. The concepts are deceptively simple on the surface...and then so deep. Their counter-intuitive nature makes it hard to grasp their significance in a 30-second sound bite.

I really felt for Taleb. He was on The Colbert Report recently (a hastily arranged replacement guest, I think), and it didn't go well in my opinion. Colbert wasn't prepared and Taleb's ideas just don't come off in that format.

However, Nassim Taleb did have a profound (and lengthy) interview with Russ Roberts on EconTalk. Runs about an hour and half, but WOW! In this format, Taleb is at his argumentative best. Not augmentative in the Christopher Hitchens sense, but extremely thought provoking and eager to make his point. Taleb paints the landscape of his ideas with a colorful brush of thought experiments and Monte Carlo simulations. He doesn't really discuss theory; he's an empiricist...a skeptical empiricist...or as he labels himself in the interview, an "empirical philosopher."

Read my comments on the interview

I'm still trying to digest his ideas....Indeed, I may be doing that for some time. Hope to monologue on a few of them in this and other entries.

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