Don't judge this man by his mess of a website. I realize he's probably not online much, but his website is an almost indecipherable scratch pad.

Fair to say, many parts of my site are indecipherable.

Wish Taleb had a better system of content management on this site. He might do well with PmWiki...though it may be a little too geeky for him...On the other hand, if he's been using any HTML to code the pages of his site, he'd definitely find the wiki syntax a lot easier.

I'm considering building a damn website that sorts out all the links on Taleb's site. Probably not worth the effort, though. I have a feeling he takes some delight in the frustration it causes. Kinda how a writer might find the mess of papers on his desk somehow comforting.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Home Page

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