No Running Barefoot - On advice I'm sure I found somewhere on the Internet, I tried running barefoot on a treadmill. Nothing special. My usual routine. But the next day my knees where killing me!!! Been a couple weeks now, and I'm still recovering.

NEVER run or jog barefoot. I speak from experience. It's bad for your knees. Horrible for your knees. If you like your knees, don't run or jog barefoot.

But why? Do the shoes really help cushion impact--I thought those claims were all marketing and no science...but I guess I was wrong.

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erik — 23 March 2007, 23:54

it makes me wonder how the cavemen were able to run around barefooted.

Brent — 25 March 2007, 07:29

Ha! I'm sure it's about what your body is used to. Having worn shoes all my life, my physiology is simply not accustomed to jogging barefoot.