30 November 2006

I wonder about all the hype regarding the "n" word. Last Xmas season the controversy was about whether Wal-Mart greeters should welcome customers with "Merry Christmas." Now it's whether we should ban any usage of the "n" word. Is that counterproductive? Did we learn nothing from Lenny Bruce some 30 years ago? Banning the word gives the word more power and influence. Use the word freely (as Lenny Bruce advocated with the "f" word) and it loses power and meaning. It's in our nature to be attracted to the taboo. In some strange way, that how we growth, break boundaries, evolve.

If we heavily restrict usage of the "n" word, we give it strength.

And perhaps that's just fine. Perhaps we want the word to ellicit powerful emotions when uttered. I can see how that might make sense. Perhaps that's what some people fear most, that the meaning will be lost, and with it the memory of all the atrocious attitude the word represents.

Why Understanding Economics Is Hard

Totally mesmerizing Infinity of Mega Pixels


Story about where Bare Naked Ladies band got name, Dylan concert, pretending to be concert/band reviewers, made up names of bands, included Bare Naked Ladies, band broke up before fund raiser--depending on them--yes! but new name for the band...only name that stuck out from Dylan concert was BNL.

29 November 2006

What to do. The spin of Bush and the war gets worse. Powell declares Iraq is in "civil war." Not sure why that matters. People are dying. What more needs to be said. Senator-elect Webb says he almost punched out Bush at a reception for freshman senators.

Great live, stop-action film of a two friends fighting....

(:youtube AJzU3NjDikY:)

28 November 2006

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is promoting a book: Palestine Peace Not Apartheid. I listened to an interview with Jimmy Carter. He spoke of governments having interest in peace, but differences on how that is achieved. He spoke of the human rights atrocities in Palestine by both sides. Jimmy Carter is a good, well-meaning man. Most judge his presidency as a failure. I'll take his post-presidential life as a model for all good people.

10 Things Your Casino Won't Tell You

27 November 2006

No Wonder English Is So Hard to Learn

25 November 2006


Recreational Goals

Pinnacles National Monument

Video from YouTube on why you need to buy a laptop....

(:youtube YYjL5SiFSsA:)

Why you need to get a laptop

23 November 2006

Top Ten Things I Love Most About Woz by Guy Kawasaki

Very interesting PassiveCoolingTechniques. And here are some 25 Worst High School Essay Analogies.

We're watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on our new big screen TV. Looks awesome. Vote for the best float and balloon on IVillage.com

American Airlines Passenger "Jim Wilson" - Code for Coffin Jockey?

Political truth in Argentina is upside down

Which Bush sucks more?

19 November 2006

RealAge Makeover by Michael Roizen

Is it just me or has toy design gone bonkers? What is Dora exploring?

How to Turn Off "MAINT REQD" Light on Toyota Sienna

Thank You for Smoking Movie

18 November 2006

About 20 or so years ago, I would have tried to do this stuff. Clever stuntwork in the opening scene of some flick. What a chase.

(:youtube GAD8xffSBT0:)

(:youtube D2kJZOfq7zk:)


17 November 2006

I'm sure I'll get in trouble for this one: How to Make Love in the Morning

14 November 2006

Late use of stents may not help.

Jake Shimabukuro - Ukulele Virtuoso

Democrats First 100 Hours in Congress

13 November 2006

Saw a headline that Bush won't agree to diplomatic talks with Iran until the agree to stop their nuclear program, or some similar condition. I always thought the agreements were made AFTER the diplomacy. In other words, agreements are the products of diplomacy. While I am no diplomat, it seems illogical to not be willing to talk until an agreement is made...However, as part of an overall diplomatic strategy, I can see it. Is our relationship with Iran such a case? Dunno.

Seven Lessons Taught in School - by John Taylor Gatto

12 November 2006

Listening to Tim Russert interview on Meet the Press with Republican Senator John McCain. Tough, direct interview by Russert, as expected. McCain stays firm that we should not reduce troop numbers--rather, he says we need to increase our presence. However, if he doesn't get support for that policy, he says we should get out quick to avoid more US losses. However, he stressed that such an approach will lead to extreme chaos in the region and would have terrible consequences for US and the world.

Interesting that he sticks to his guns. You expect that from him, but it may cost him. Certainly cost him now. What the mood is two years from now during presidential election...Who knows?

And it's a wonder to me. Did we really expect to lead democratic reform in that region, given Iran and Syria. I suppose the hope was that free Iraqis would lead that charge. But that has never worked before. Didn't Britain try it, or is my history messed up?

Would we be better off with Saddam? He fought with Iran, kept them from taking over Iraq. I suppose that was the strategy for a long time, let the dictators fight each other, so we didn't have to get involved.

We Were Soldiers

I didn't know Bruno Kirby died.

11 November 2006

Bombing for Peace is Like...

Surprising Ways Get Better Gas Mileage

And here's Denmarks very sexy answer to the public ignoring speed limits:

(:youtube W63xoQE_OOg:)

9 November 2006

Dems win house and senate. Is gridlock in our future? Will they manage their power intelligently? Will Bush work with the Dems? It's the only way he'll ever recover a legacy. Will the Dems work with Bush? That's the big question.

(:youtube dGNs7QMeV7E:)

'Office Space' cut as thriller

8 November 2006

Is High Octane Gas Worth the Money?

Ron Mueck Sculptures

7 November 2006

Van Morrison Opens The Rolling Stones

While we're celebrating these rocking old folk, here are 18 Ways to Trick Your Body.

5 November 2006

Monica Bellucci with Red Riding Hood

Found out that Monica Bellucci played Parsephone in Matrix Reloaded. She's described as...

"That sultry, shapely apparition of brunette feminine fire who played the beguiling Persephone (in Matrix Reloaded)...with a passion-flushed supermodel face''..."


Here's my favorite Nerf gun.

Andrew Sullivan on Chris Matthews' said this election is not an election but an intervention. LOL!

Saw this hilarious collection of celebrity quotes related to the philosophy of sex.

And here's a performance of Torn by Natalie Imbruglia with sign language assistance from Johann Lippowitz.

(:youtube 4TM3GbxaNLI:)

Video: Johann Lippowitz Mimes Natalie Imbruglia's Torn

I love this image Tristesse by Zuan Carreņo?, Colombian photographer.

2 November 2006

BeYourOwnShrink or laught at 21 Funny Airline Announcements.

Ben Franklin - Advice on the Choice of a Mistress

This is a fascinating idea, sort of a cruise ship that flies: Aeroscraft Air Ship

Attach:aeroscraft_airship.jpg Δ

1 November 2006

Halloween was busy. I dressed as J.D. on Scrubs...easy choice.

Here's the Bitter Acknowledgments of Olin Shivers

Trivia - Do you know "why" purple is/was the royal color. Because of its great rarity and value. Phoenician's traveled all over Med trading.. and the one thing traded in is blue/purple die made from rain snail, Fast non-fading die. Used ceremonial robe.