29 October 2006

It's Fall!!


Heard an interview with Penn Jillette (the magician) and Richard Dawkins (the evolutionary biologist) yesterday. Fascinating. Penn is totally into the athiest stance, and it brought to mind his essay for the NPR series This I Believe he provocatively titled There Is No God.

28 October 2006

Kim Garcia, a dear friend, has written AND got published a wonderful book of poems titled Madonna Magdalene.

Madonna Magdalene by Kim, Garcia

27 October 2006

Watching the Michael J. Fox interview with Katie Couric...He said something that hit me like a ton of bricks:

"I really feel this...that you get in your life very few chances to make a difference...If these are the circumstances [Parkinson's Disease] that make that possible, then I'm grateful for it."

Here's the full interview:

(:youtube fqraWGEfRAA:)

26 October 2006

Why I hate beauty and the Average Playboy Playmate

(:youtube 6fkkdoDOIJM:)

Excellent reality check for those who are thinking about enlisting into the military. Among the lessons learned the hard way:

  • The contract recruits sign is UNILATERAL.

Which means you, the recruit, are legally bound and obligated to fulfill the terms of the contract; HOWEVER, the government is NOT. In fact, the Government can CHANGE the terms as they desire, and they routinely do. As example: 'stop-loss where the contract termination date is extended if the government needs you. So the contract


(:youtube ObNHHwB8OQg:)

Amazing optical illusion--the eyes of the mask follow you and facial expression seems to change as you move it. Fascinating.

22 October 2006

Watching a show on Discovery channel about Australia. Very interesting. History, culture. Fascinating stuff, gives a sense of the country's character, and it's people. Beautifully shot.

Uncooperative camels.

I got a kick out of Zach Braff's blog. He really does sound like his Scrubs character J.D.

(:youtube UbVuPM7gF_o:)

The senator gets quite heated and articulate about Carl Rove and Bush's "Stay the course" refrain...Refreshing to see genuine emotion about an issue, damn the political consequences.

21 October 2006

I found this picture on flickr. Turns out this woman, Alicia Witt, was in the 1984 movie Dune. She was only nine years-old at the time...She sure has blossomed. Stunning woman. And this image, her look, is so alluring. Absolutely love it.


Cure Cancer with Rice Bran

The Internet filtered by Brent.

(:youtube a9WB_PXjTBo:)

Moving political ad featuring Michael J. Fox.

20 October 2006

(:youtube qIXs6Sh0DKs:)

Amazing timelapse video/stills of aurora borealis. Awesome!

Dick and Rick Hoyt

7 Reason Not to Mess With Children

18 October 2006


Found this comic funny...in a very sad way:

Attach:Comics./300millionamericancomic.jpg Δ

300 Millionth American Cartoon

15 October 2006

I was looking over the article Worshiping Salma Hayek's Breasts. I noticed that the link died, which is exactly why I copy the original text on a lot these things.

From ridiculous to the sublime...I was thinking about my high school friend Patrick Cassidy.

Patrick Cassidy 5th dan Aikikai. Cassidy Sensei.

And a father's letter to his son as he leaves for college: SuchSweetSorrows

13 October 2006

Very interesting article about why home alarm system fail. I learned a lot from this one.

30 Funny Jerry Seinfeld Quotes

Castle in Mow Top, Cheshire

11 October 2006

Here's an excellent post I had to preserve here on what happens to your body when you stop smoking. The time is fascinating and, I hope, not optimistic.

I love the NBC television series Scrubs.

10 October 2006

Found this fantastic photographer who creates awesome images of kids. The images are so clean and timeless. She's super talented, has a great eye for expression, light, exposure. Amazing work. This is the image that caught my eye, but she has so many others.

I'd like to feature this on my homepage, Wonderful Photographer of Children

Here's Dilbert's Personal Financial Plan. And I found this on someone's flickr profile. I think it's song (or maybe a poem) called At The End Of Days. Need to find out more...Does me not knowing reveal a lack of culture? I'm no GenX'r.

9 October 2006

I like pants that I can use as a napkin. Sadly, this really does comfort me.

I was revising my entry MichaelBergRespondsToZarqawisDeath, and it got me thinking. We (Bush and other politicians) should not have labelled this a war. Further, they should not have approached it as a war.

Terrorism is a disease or crime, not a war. In fact, we legitimize these cults and terrorist cells by saying "we are at war" because war is a business between countries, and these terrorists are not sovereign. They are cults, organized crime at best. They must be fought with that attitude, like we fight crime. Crime never ends, but we try to control it, influence, punish (bring to justice) its participants. We should be fighting terrorism like we fight crime, not like we fight a war.

All our activities hinge on this perception, crime vs. war. It determines what we believe is acceptable to do in response, what rights we give up. This should never have been labelled a war. This is a fight against a chronic disease, against organized crime. We were misguided to view it any other way. The perception of war has "justified" many terrible actions...still many for to come. All (or at least in part) due to the choice of perception, the choice of words, the choice of war.

8 October 2006

Looked over the TimothyTreadwellGrizzlyMan entry. Moved stuff around, but didn't change much. Mostly wanted to separate draft from final copy. Having a blast browsing Flickr, picking out images for my Flickr/FlickrFavPhotos and Flickr/FlickrFavGirls. Some are funny. Most are tasteful, except for two I found that were ads for AIDS awareness. Will highlight later.

Absolutely love this image titled the belly and the squash:

7 October 2006

Still fiddling this this wiki notebook...it will never end because I love the process of tweaking. It should be like going to a yard sale: you don't know what you're going to find, but are often pleased by the surprises you discover. That's the goal of my site, not only for visitors but for myself. I keep discovering entries I'd forgotten about (like this one for lexophiles), which is another reason for the site--it catches those bits I want to remember, but expect to forget. Here is the record, my online wiki notebook.

Need to work on getting a search box on the page. For some reason in this template the functionality gets thwarted when I put it in the header, as I want. Need to investigate.

I need to learn how to create symbolic link in unix linux.

This looks like the creators/architects did it right here with the Air Force Memorial. Soon to be dedicated, I saw a piece on it's upcoming unveiling on Fox's News Sunday of all places. It's got the Right Stuff.

6 October 2006

Wow...this is deep. Dear God, I have a question shows question to God from kids. "Out of the mouths of babes..." Pinch me.

It's been just over a year since I was downtown and saw the Dove ad campaign.

Got a huge laugh at tribe that worships Salma Hayek's breasts.

5 October 2006

What does shampoo and conditioner do for your hair?...It's looking genuine, but I need to actually read it :)

Old but Not Frail: A Matter of Heart and Head - NY Times article on aging.

Just read over What I've Learned by Homer Simpson. Found some good lines that I added to Quotes page.

Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick

1 October 2006

I love this collection of CleverShoppingBags. Here's some info I compiled on How to survive a plane crash.

I LOVE Scrubs. For network TV, it's brilliant. Not Arrested Development brilliant (or Scrubs would have been cancelled by now), but still...

Scrubs is this odd blending of comedy and sentimentality. In my mind Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, E.R., St. Elsewhere (1980s TV) and the like are all derived from the Samuel Shem book, The House of God. I read it sometime during high school, hoping to get some idea of what my Dad went through in medical school. I learned a lot (like the meaning of "gomer"), and laughed my butt off. And I also gained some insight into my father's experience as a bewildered intern.

Sometimes (a lot of the time?), the myth is better than the reality.

The House of God by Samuel Shem