Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright

Pastor Jeremiah Wright - In Context - With all the controversy about Pastor Jeremiah Wright's words, I wanted to get a bit closer to the context. I concluded that the news hysteria is misguided. In context, the sound-bites make perfect sense and don't justify the inflammatory response generated by the out-of-context sound-bites repeated ad-nauseum by our shameful media.

When we adopt the opinions of the media, accepting as proof a sound-bite, we risk being mislead. We risk public opinion being corralled by a minority with an agenda. Again, we've been fooled.

Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS
Excellent essay by Moyers on the return of Rev. Wright. Quite a sane, compassionate analysis.
Rev. Jeremiah Wright - Bill Moyers Journal | PBS
After listening to Moyer's report and Jeremiah Wright's words, I have enormous respect for the man, Jeremiah Wright, and for the work he has accomplished at Trinity Church. He's an remarkable man. A man whose church is a living embodiment of his values, leadership, and example. God Bless Jeremiah Wright.
Wright's theology not "new or radical" | Salon
Reveals some of the truth behind the myth of Martin Luther King...and Wright. Adds context and history to the struggles and values of black preachers. Fighting prejudice ain't pretty, but if these people didn't do it, where would we be now?
YouTube - Tell the Whole Story FOX! Barack Obama
THIS is the clip that must be causing all the controversy...but again, in context, I understand why the Pastor used the words "God damn America!" It's the crescendo of his oration that cites how the American government has failed black people, American Indian people, Japanese people, Japanese American people, and so on. In the context of the many grievous sins of the American government to its people of color (as well as others like Japanese, Iraqi, etc.), I can understand why the Pastor said what he did.

(:youtube RvMbeVQj6Lw:)

YouTube - FOX Lies!! Barack Obama Pastor Wright
I haven't seen the stuff Fox and others have been showing, but if the "America's chickens have come home to roost" is the worst, we've been fooled again by our media. In context, the statement makes perfect sense. What else did the Pastor say?

(:youtube QOdlnzkeoyQ:)

"A More Perfect Union" - Barack Obama Speech - Video & Transcript
In response to the Wright controversy, Obama delivers a brilliant, no-BS speech on race in the America.

(:youtube pWe7wTVbLUU:)

What Makes You So Strong?
Sermons of Joy and Strength from Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

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Albert Johnson Jr — 21 March 2008, 19:10

The most disappointing thing about the Rev. Wright incident is the complete failure of our news media. I was familiar with Wrights preaching before the brouhaha, so when it happened I was truly puzzled. How could anyone draw an opinion of a mans, and especially a pastors words with just a 10 second sound bite, and from that sound bite draw the conclusion that the speaker is hateful, or a racist. I knew then that no one who did actually had seen or read a Wright sermon.

What was insidious about the Rev. Wright story is that every report of those videos on TV, and in the reports of print media the description of the sermons as hateful etc were repeated over and over again. Many Americans view the reports of the media as actual truth. So regardless now of the actual context and meaning of his words he will be forever thought of as hateful and the career of a stalwart man of God is forever sullied.

That should disturb me, but I think I can estimate the heart of the Rev Wright. If only one soul is saved by hearing more than just 10 seconds of the word of God he will consider the condemnation worth it. That the storm over his sermon led to Obama’s speech on race he would consider a blessing.

These so called responsible journalist and not just those who represent the right wing owe both the American people and the Rev. Wright an apology, and the pledge to refrain from viral journalism.

Brent — 22 March 2008, 07:53

Amen, Mr. Johnson. It seems that when journalists cannot "report news" they choose to "make news." This makes sense because journalism has become all about business and very little about public duty. The bottom line overrides the mission of truth.

With journalism failing us, what do we do? Who do we trust? Yes, I know it's not all journalism that's failed us. I see reports from upstarts that expose terrible truths, damn the consequences. But those stories are not carried by major media, so few see them.

I was encouraged that Taxi to the Dark Side won the academy award for best documentary this year. However, I was VERY disappointed that the Discovery Channel, which had TV rights to the documentary, refused to show it, saying it was too controversial.


So now the documentary is tied up by Discovery and cannot be shown on TV without their consent. The filmmakers are pissed about this, but can't do anything about it. I did hear that Discovery plans to let HBO show it--though that won't happen for YEARS. I've lost respect for Discovery for this manipulation and censorship...but I digress.

Thank you for your thoughtful words.