Shadowserver Foundation - Main - HomePage
PmWiki install for foundation that tracks hacks, bots, etc. on the internet.
Premier provider of Windows and Linux VPS Hosting - utilizing Virtuozzo and Windows Virtual Server Technology
PmWiki's current host.
How Shareable Is Your System? : InternetBasedMoms Experts
PmWiki | Cookbook / NetstreamsMenu
VERY interesting recipe that creates administrative menus for many admin functions. Makes PmWiki feel more like a CMS.
PmWiki | Cookbook / Tagger
Easy tagging into multiple category groups.

PmWiki | Cookbook / SlideShow
Create slide presentations with skin support
PmWiki | Cookbook / BlogWithPageList
How to build a blog system with pagelists
PmWiki | Cookbook / Fox
Form and form processing recipe that seems to utilize PmWiki's native functions. Want to investigate security issues, if any.
MoinMoinWiki - MoinMoin
Python-based wiki.
Scoobypedia | Trusted knowledge for everything Subaru | Scoobypedia / Scoobypedia
Welcome to Scoobypedia - a Wiki knowledge base for anything Subaru, maintained by experts - you the community.
Home Page - Television Tropes & Idioms
Tropes are devices and conventions that a writer can reasonably rely on as being present in the audience members' minds and expectations.

At one point this was a very successful site....May still be, but doesn't look so good anymore.
Game site| Main / HomePage browse
Seems abandoned, but was a nice site a few years ago.
Paul Ellis Producer | Welcome to PEP Productions
Attractive PmWiki site.
Media Revolution in Early Modern Europe : Main - Home Page browse
Good use of includes and pagelist...Many recipes, actually. Teacher built site. Good use of the wiki to maintain interaction with the class.
The Longhorn Engineer | HomePage
Nice use of PmWiki as blog and project tracker/presenter. Subtle use of some of PmWiki's features.
Matrioszka: About this site in English
Very un-PmWiki looking site.
JewelWiki | Main / Home Page
Website for singer Jewel. Not sure it's being updated, but looks fairly nice for a PmWiki site.
Ivy Tech -- Faculty Web
Faculty websites using PmWiki groups functionality to separated the each faculty members website.
Pantechnicon | Pan | HomePage
PmWiki site dedicated to Apple's HyperCard. I think HyperCard was the inspiration for Ward Cunningham for wikis.
Ferrara & Sullivan | HomePage
Simple but nice looking brochure site in PmWiki.
Downtown Corpus Christi
Nice use of PmWiki.

The Wiki Way: Quick Collaboration on the Web
by Bo Leuf & Ward Cunningham

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