PmWiki runs this site, and I love the flexibility of this wiki platform. Though I don't use it as collaborative wiki, I find it much quicker and easier to enter, add, and change content using a PmWiki than with conventional blog or CMS systems I've tried (and I've tried quite a few).

Below are some tips, recipes, etc. that I found useful for my PmWiki install.

Page actions in browser toolbar
Used this template or set of javascript links to create action button in my browser toolbar. Very handy if you don't want those page action links on the website.
PmWiki | Cookbook / Tagger
Looks like an interesting recipe, a different approach to tagging in PmWiki.
DataPlates demo | Main / Basic Concept
Looks like a way to create forms or templates for a wiki database...but I'm not sure.
PmWiki | Cookbook / SkinsGallery
PmWiki Skins Gallery. Contains scaled screenshots of the available skins for PmWiki. Clicking on a screenshot will take you to the page for that particular skin allowing you to see it in action. Be neat if this is maintained.
PmWiki | Cookbook / RedirectSilent
Recipe for removing redirect messages from page...nicer for users...not sure if I'll use it.
html2wiki - Convert HTML text to wiki markup
Easily converts HTML to wiki markup for major markup standards, including PmWiki.
PmWiki | Cookbook / Rye Voting
Looks like a nice voting mechanism for PmWiki. Haven't tried it yet, but demos seem to work well.

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